Rockefeller Internationalist - Emanuel Josephson

Rockefeller's 'Popular Front' —
The 'New' and 'Fair' Deals

The Roosevelt "New Deal" regime was the fulfillment of the pledge of a "Popular Front" government in the U.S. that the Rockefeller Empire had obviously made to Stalin as one of the bases of their pact. It was composed almost entirely of Rockefeller-Soviet Axis agents, who had planned it as "social science", and of other types of puppets of the Rockefeller Empire and its "philanthropies".

It is absurd to speak of the Communist spies and agents who have been exposed in high posts in Washington as "infiltrators". They were the very backbone of the New Deal, planted there from the start to serve the Rockefeller-Soviet Axis in its global conspiracy. From the very start of the regime, after removal of a large number of employees from government posts by Roosevelt, at the behest of the conspirators, on the pretense of "economy", which had been a sham campaign platform, the government was packed with hundreds of thousands of Rockefeller Reds spawned in the Rockefeller-dominated "educational" system. Rockefeller-subsidized professors, especially the peddlers of the bogus "social sciences", and their students, whose training fitted them only for some task in a "managed economy", a euphemism for Communist or other forms of Marxist dictatorship, and who consequently constituted an ever growing pressure group supporting the Rockefeller-Soviet Axis, became the priests of the "new social order"—the New Deal.

Surrender of control of the destinies of the nation to the professors who constitute the vaunted "brain trust", consequently means surrender to the type of totalitarianism dictated to them by the Rockefeller-Soviet Axis. They must be over-ready to betray their country to that Axis. This is eloquently attested to by the fact that the great majority of the traitors who have been exposed in the past decade have been professors and their students. Hiss and Field of Harvard, Coplon of Columbia, Gillars of Hunter College, Pressman of Cornell, Dr. Pontecorvo and numerous others attest to the subversive influence of the Rockefeller-subsidized or dominated universities.

The presidents of most of our leading universities are included in the membership of the Rockefeller Empire's Foreign Office, the Council on Foreign Relations, where they are indoctrinated by such characters as Owen Lattimore, Frederick Vanderbilt Field, and William W. Lockwood, former editors of Amerasia and Alger Hiss, all champions of Marxism, and by others of equal calibre and inclination. Soviet interests could not be expected to suffer, at their hands, in a conflict of interests with the U.S. Among the university presidents thus indoctrinated are General Dwight Eisenhower, President of Columbia University, Harold Stassen, President of the University of Pennsylvania, Karl Compton, President of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, James Bryant Conant, President of Harvard University, John Sloan Dickey, President of Dartmouth, Isaiah Bowman, former President of Johns Hopkins, Robert Gordon Sproul, President of the University of California and numerous others. Through them the educational system of the nation is impressed into the service of the Rockefeller-Soviet Axis.

In 1926, the Rockefeller interests started grooming Franklin Delano Roosevelt for the role of puppet, depression President. He was an incompetent who had never been able to earn enough to support his family; who had started off as a Ku Klux Klan candidate for the N.Y. State Senate, trading on the Roosevelt name and its appeal to the "peasants"; whose wife was trusted by the Kremlin as one of the original agents of the Bismarxian school of Marxism in the U.S.; who had suffered from an attack of encephalomyelitis, falsely described as infantile paralysis, that had left him with the stigma of high suggestibility so aptly described by his wife in her autobiography and by others, and gave him the reputation of being a good politician because he acquiesced with all who spoke with him but that made him completely pliable by agents planted at his side,—this Roosevelt recommended himself highly to the Rockefeller interests as the prospective Charley McCarthy, the "perfect dummy" to serve as spokesman in putting over their totalitarian conspiracy, and in fulfilling their Soviet agreement.

Through their collaborator, George Foster Peabody, they made him a present of Georgia Warm Springs, with a quarter-of-a-million dollars mortgage attached, that was too large for him to handle without their help. In the following year, they bribed him to accept the New York gubernatorial nomination to the tune of more than $800,000, as related by Ernest K. Lindley, his publicity man, in the official campaign biography, under the cover of a philanthropic sham. That sham was completely exposed by me in 1935 in my book, Rackets, Social Service and Medical, and in 1940 in Your Life is Their Toy.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt might not have been placed in the White House by the conspirators, if President Hoover had not been a Quaker and turned down the proposal made to him on their behalf, by Henry L. Stimson, Rockefeller puppet Secretary of State under Hoover, to declare war on Japan for the purpose of rescuing Standard Oil property that was being consistently wrecked by the Japs in the course of their invasion of China. According to Professor Harry Elmer Barnes in his pamphlet, The Struggle Against The Historical Blackout:

"Henry L. Stimson openly played his Lucifer hand in Far Eastern diplomacy. He took Hoover to the mountain top and . . . he did make it evident that Mr. Hoover could recoup his political fortunes and have every prospect of reelection in the autumn if he would make war on Japan. But Hoover would have nothing to do with the idea. A year later Mr. Stimson had a rendezvous with Mr. Hoover's newly elected successor at Hyde Park and had no difficulty in selling him his bill of goods. Roosevelt's recently published letters show he took the initiative in bringing about this momentous conference with Stimson on January 9, 1933. From about that time onward Mr. Roosevelt had an 'ace in the hole' whenever he needed a foreign war to rehabilitate his political prospects at home. He played the ace in the summer and autumn of 1941. But as James Farley has revealed (James Farley's Story, p. 39), Roosevelt discussed the possibility of immediate war with Japan in his very first Cabinet meetings of March, 1933."

Stimson was rewarded by Roosevelt with the post of Secretary of War. He mentions his agreement with Roosevelt on war on Japan in his autobiography, On Active Service in Peace And War. Professor Barnes is wrong in his assumption that Roosevelt delayed playing his ace until 1941. He began playing it promptly following his inauguration. On the day of his inauguration vainglorious Franklin Delano Roosevelt told his friends, in an expansive moment, that he wanted to be a wartime president. He was compelled to delay his war because Japan was not prepared to fight us, and Congress was not in any mood to declare a war. Public opinion had been aroused against war by one of the typical Communist "peace" propaganda campaigns that was actively financed by the Rockefeller interests, and was intended to lull the U.S. into complete disarmament.

The first obstacle was surmounted by the Rockefeller-Soviet Axis by American-planned and financed rearmament of Japan, in which the Standard Oil companies played a significant role. After the Panay incident, the Rockefeller interests made the Mitsuis their exclusive agents in Japan and conquered territory in Asia. The second impediment was overcome by Roosevelt and his fellow conspirators, as pointed out by Charles A. Beard in his work, President Roosevelt and the Coming of the War, and by the author in The Strange Death Of Roosevelt, by goading Japan into attacking the U.S. at Pearl Harbor. In this treachery, as has been related, Rockefeller's Institute of Pacific Relations played the dominant role. This was the reason for the delay in the Japanese war for which Roosevelt hankered so long.

In the meantime, Roosevelt very materially aided the Rockefeller Empire in bringing on the war between Germany and England by engineering the upbuilding of the Nazi Party in Germany and inducing the British to enter World War II after the invasion of Poland, for the purpose of smashing both of the other Empires. How little Roosevelt was interested in the fate of Poland is demonstrated by his subsequent sell-out of the Poles to Stalin. But they were for him as good a pretext as any for bringing on the war that he sought to immortalize himself. Jesse Jones, in his book, Fifty Billion Dollars, confirms my earlier statement that Roosevelt deliberately sought, instigated and precipitated World War II.

Every measure of national or international import, as well as the minor local ones, championed by the "brain trusters" in the New and Fair Deals have served the purposes of both the Rockefeller Empire and Soviet Russia. When Stalin stood at the side of Hitler, they and their students championed "isolationism", pacifism, Buchmanism, and the America First movement, which was discredited by the influx of both the Communist and the Nazi elements—with the purpose of keeping the U.S. out of the war and serving the interests of the Rockefeller-Soviet Axis. That is the true significance of the vaunted membership of Ambassador Philip Jessup and of Senator William Benton in America First, which was advanced in the press as disproof of the Red complexion of both. It proves exactly the reverse. For support of America First by subversives served Soviet interests quite as effectively as did Frederick Vanderbilt Field's Communist-front Peace Mobilization, in the propaganda for keeping the U.S. out of the war.

But as soon as the Rockefeller interests had effected their deal with the British for Saudi Arabian oil in exchange for their bringing the U.S. into the war, and as soon as Hitler's forces were turned against their Soviet allies, these subversives fairly shrieked their insistence that America enter the war. The Communist Party line then publicly coincided with the interests of the Rockefeller Empire, and "internationalism" became the shibboleth of both. Philip Jessup and Senators Arthur Vandenberg and William Benton were in the forefront of the changelings.

This open alliance with the Soviets prepared the way for the conspirators to begin frank subsidy by the U.S. taxpayers of the industrialization and modernization of the armaments of Russia. Every "international" plan proposed thereafter contained tribute by the American taxpayer to the Kremlin. "Lend Lease" provided over ten billion dollars' worth of armaments and supplies, including an entire fleet of naval vessels. The United Nations Relief And Rehabilitation Administration, which was almost entirely financed with American taxpayers' money, was converted into a device for financing Communist Russian infiltration and conquest of many nations. Communist agents, under the direction of Herbert H. Lehman (of Lehman Bros. Investments), were placed in charge of the distribution of this American aid in such lands as Czechoslovakia, Rumania and Poland that the Axis agreements turned over to the Soviets.

But the lion's share of the money and supplies went to Soviet Russia itself.

The New Deal and its Fair Deal successor have been made to serve the domestic purposes of the Rockefeller Empire as effectively as it does the Rockefeller-Soviet Axis in the international field. The industrial monopolies which they control are fed from the Treasury and the public's purse. Their Milk Trust's monopoly was extended, and even in depression the price of milk was tripled. Their monopoly of food has been widened, with the cooperation of the truckmen's unions, to the point where they maintain a constantly high price even for produce, throughout the nation the entire year.

The seizure of industries which they did not control and the setting up of new monopolies assumed a fresh pattern under their New Deal. No longer was it necessary for them to resort as individuals to the racketeering of the South Side Improvement Company type and risk public indignation. Their agencies, the Government and the unions, do their dirty work, undermine the industries which they seek, smash them so as to force out the investing public and form them into monopolies to be taken over.

When these things are done by the "New Deal" they have the complete support of the very radical and labor elements which would rail at them if done by private enterprise for itself. By some curious quirk of mentality akin to faith, they are happy and content when these crimes are committed for the benefit of the same private cartels, through public agencies, by themselves as agents, at public expense. For the "liberal" or radical does not seek to remedy evil situations. He merely seeks to be master of them himself. He is motivated not by principle but envy and unprincipled greed. That was the Machiavellian idea that lay behind the Rockefeller support of Communism and its incorporation in the New Deal mechanics for attaining monopoly and dictatorship.

The NRA (National Industrial Recovery Administration) and the Federal Securities Act with its provision barring holding companies, and enhancing the Federal Reserve Board's power to regulate money, constituted the initial effort to accomplish a complete cartelization of all industries.

The NRA was openly a device for setting up monopolies or giving legality to existent monopolies, in their own interest, in every industry. It specifically suspended the Sherman-Clayton Anti-Trust Act and permitted each industry to organize itself under an absolute code authority. The plan had been suggested by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The man who controlled the Code Authority wielded dictatorial powers over an absolute monopoly. The rules promulgated by the Code Authority had the force of law for both industry and the nation. It fixed prices, controlled production, licensed producers, admitted or barred newcomers from the Industry, set conditions of competition, prescribed the amount of space and the machinery that could be used; and also possessed police and judicial powers and could put violators in jail. As a sop to Labor, a minimum wage of $12 to $15 per 40 hour week was provided and Section 7A recognized the right of collective bargaining. In other words the NRA created a syndicalist or corporate state in the U.S. at about the same time as had Mussolini and Hitler, whose sponsors were the same as those of the NRA.

The SEC established by the Federal Securities Act, is a device for tightening the monopoly of industries by control of financing. Its power to block new financing is absolute. Likewise its order to wipe out investments in railroad and utility securities is final. But it offers stockholders absolutely no protection. Numerous securities that have been passed on by the SEC and marketed, have been wiped out within a period of one or two years. On the other hand numerous worthwhile and essential enterprises have been barred from financing. Its effect on the mining industry for instance, has been devastating; and as a consequence the U.S. is becoming constantly less self-sufficient in strategic minerals and metals.

In short the SEC was never intended to serve the interests of the investor, but was planned to foster the purposes of the monopolies. This is quite manifest in its utility securities activities. In this group of securities alone, the SEC has wiped out, in a decade, more of the public's investments than all of Wall Street's swindles of a century past.

The conspirators' monopoly of all sources of power and energy, as comprehensive as their American Telephone and Telegraph Company in its field, that will extend from the Arctic to Tierra del Fuego, looms very large. They control the currency and banking system as well as the government and have acquired even greater strength through the enhanced powers they have given themselves through the Federal Reserve Bank. They were confident that they were safe in permitting others to develop the power systems with moneys invested by the public. Then by manipulating a depression and by retroactive laws written for the purpose, they robbed their rivals of their work and the public of their investments. That is the purpose of the abolition of holding companies and the power over utilities incorporated in the Federal Securities Act.

The SEC has directed a looting of the public of its investments in utilities that is fully comparable with those perpetrated by the Nazis and Communists. By dishonest and wholly illegal and un-Constitutional acts that have been supported by corrupted and packed courts, the conspirators deliberately depressed and manipulated the market for utility securities by its orders and rulings. The TVA was used for the malevolent purpose of smashing the market in utility securities. On the day that the ruinously low rates for TVA power were to be announced, the press and the nation were kept waiting for Commissioner David E. Lillienthal from 10:30 A.M. until after the markets had closed. In the meantime a terrific wave of short selling hit the utility bonds and stocks that depressed them terrifically. Washington phone calls to Wall Street were particularly heavy that day, especially from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation offices. There can be no question that the announcement of the TVA rates was a prearranged signal for a "killing" in the market by the conspirators. These maneuvers cost the investing public hundreds of millions of dollars. The market for utility securities was smashed, and they dropped steadily thereafter.

The Federal Reserve Board has ably aided and abetted the swindling of the public by manipulation of margin requirements. Repeatedly it has forced the public out of stock desired by the powers-that-be by raising margin requirements, at the bottom of the market, just before large upswings were planned.

The conspirators then bought up at their own price, or virtually stole, a particular class of security in each company. It was a simple matter for them to dictate that the particular class of security which they had cornered shall be given complete control of the utility in question, all senior securities shall be retired and junior securities wiped out, without regard to earnings or values.

It is safe to predict that when the nation's utility companies will have been "simplified in structure" (a euphemism for "stolen") they will be, in due time, merged into a nation-and continent-wide Power Trust, under the domination of the Rockefeller Empire and its allies.

The public has been looted, under the direction of the Interstate Commerce Commission, during the Roosevelt Administration of many more billions through another industry, through the railroads. The Roosevelts, the Delanos, the Rockefellers, the Harrimans and numerous others of America's rulers are heavily interested in railroads.

The Interstate Commerce Commission which they dominate, exercises absolute control over the minutest details of the operation of the railroads and their rate structure. It is a simple matter for them to boost the earnings of the railroads when they own their securities, and to wipe out the earnings and force them into receivership after they have unloaded the securities on the public. This is done periodically.

The I.C.C. dictates the terms for lifting of the receiverships, subject to court approval.

The Supreme Court decision in the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad case has introduced several new "principles" into American jurisprudence, that contrast oddly with what has been regarded as honesty and sound law consonant with it.

The railroad had been in 77b receivership for several years following a period of earnings that were fixed by the I.C.C. so low that it could not meet its fixed charges. After the onset of hostilities in Europe, the earnings of the road rose rapidly to a point where all arrears on bonds could be paid off in full out of cash on hand and leave the company more than adequate capital for its future operations—in short the road became completely solvent and highly prosperous. If it were required, refinancing could have been arranged readily.

If this condition should arise in the affairs of a private individual in bankruptcy, he would be deemed guilty of fraud if he failed to pay off his indebtedness in full and thus secure discharge from bankruptcy. But in the case of the railroad, the Court ruled that the company is not bound by the ethical or legal principles that apply to individuals. Instead of ordering the corporation to pay off its indebtedness and secure its discharge from receivership, as it wished to do, the Supreme Court did the reverse. It ordered the railroad to do what would be ruled as fraudulent on the part of a private individual, i.e. to refuse to meet its obligations in full, to wipe out the major part of its debts, to defraud its creditors and stockholders, and to settle even mortgage and other protected claims at a fraction of their face value.

The legal support of fraudulent bankruptcies by the highest court of the land is a new "principle" in American jurisprudence.

But an even stranger departure is the reason assigned by the Court for its decision.

The Court acknowledged that the railroad was completely solvent at the time of the hearing. But it assumed the role of oracle and undertook to predict that after the war the earnings of the road would drop and it would no longer be solvent. For this reason it ordered a fraudulent settlement to be compounded by the Company. Subsequent events proved the Court a false prophet. The earnings of the road continued very high.

In this act the Supreme Court has given divining and fortune-telling greater weight in our law than it ever had even among the Romans at the time when these procedures were part of their faith and practice. It has returned American jurisprudence to a status as primitive as that of Medieval law, with its "trial by ordeal". It has nullified the entire code of law that has been built up to protect honest commercial practice. For it is a matter of record that few enterprises survive for more than a generation and most of them terminate bankrupt; and under this decision the Courts could safely divine that the majority of debtors will eventually be bankrupt and order them to defraud their creditors, as in the St. Paul case. The decision has wiped out billions of railroad investments. It is another of the New Deal devices to "distribute wealth" in certain favored directions only.

The NRA proved unwieldly and unmanageable. While it was highly successful in wiping out tens of thousands of small businesses, it failed to permit the wrecking of larger units, the control of which the conspirators sought. The report brought in by the NRA Board of Review and signed, among others, by Clarence Darrow, found that the NRA was being used to foster monopoly. Senator Borah made the same charge on the floor of the Senate. The Supreme Court was called upon to declare the NRA un-Constitutional, which it did on the perfectly correct ground that it was an abdication of its Constitutional powers by Congress. Unfortunately, though this is equally true of virtually all of the New Deal, the packed and biased court has seen fit to so rule only when it serves the interests of the rulers.

The most amazingly ingenious and ingenuous sham incorporated by the Dynasty in its New Deal is its mechanism for regimenting labor under their own aegis through "labor leaders" and its use for establishing monopolies that are entirely within the law. Wagner's subservience to the Rockefeller-Standard Oil interests makes it clear that the Wagner Labor Relations Act is designed to serve their purposes. It epitomizes and points up the war of Labor on Capital in so truly a Bismarxian sense that Wagner has earned for himself the title of "America's Bismarck", a noble title for a pawn.

The Supreme Court decision wiping out the NRA was mock obeisance to public sentiment against monopolies in restraint of trade, through control of machinery, that has been built up through decades. With equal diligence there had been built up by Marxist agencies and pseudo "liberals" a sentiment in favor of union monopolies of labor. It required little astuteness to discern that industry could be monopolized even more completely by control of labor than by control of machinery.

The fostering of labor unionism on a vast and unprecedented scale by the Rockefeller Empire is completely understandable. By doing so they have completely regimented labor under their own control through their own appointed agents provocateurs and dictators, more pleasantly labelled "labor leaders". This they have done through the Wagner Labor Relations Act and other "New Deal" labor legislation, which have robbed workers of their freedom and their right to work at a vocation of their own choice. This right they have farmed out to the goons, racketeers, ward heelers and zealots, the "labor leaders" who are their vassal agents. They would be more correctly named "Labor Barons", for they serve in the same capacity as do barons in feudal states.

Under the franchise of the Wagner Act the Dynasty extended to the Labor Barons a series of so-called "rights" that flagrantly violate the rights that are supposedly guaranteed to the nation at large by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These special "rights" of the Labor Barons include the following among others:

  1. The "right" to extort from vassal workers a private tax for the privilege of working.
  2. The "right" to dictate who may work, when he may work, and to virtually enslave the worker.
  3. The "right" to practice blackmail and extortion on all employers and industries, and to levy unlimited assessments on them.
  4. The "right" to wage unlimited class warfare on the rest of the community for their own special interests and to sabotage the nation at large.
  5. The "right" to mercilessly profiteer, to exploit communities and to deprive them of the very necessities of life, whenever it suits their purpose.
  6. The "right" to betray the country and to traitorously traffic with its enemies—as is instanced by the negotiations of John L. Lewis with Hitler, and the CIO-PAC betrayal of our nation to Communism and Russia.
  7. The "right" to conspire to restrain trade.
  8. The "right" to disrupt industry and to destroy whole industries.
  9. The "right" to bring whole communities, and if they desire, the whole nation, to verge of starvation by strikes and sabotage.
  10. The "right" to throw out of work and deprive of a livelihood, employees of whole groups of industries whenever, however, and as often as they choose.
  11. The "right" to precipitate inflation, panic, depression and unemployment on as wide a scale as they choose.
  12. The "right" to destroy the Constitution and the government and to deliver the United States to foreign powers.
  13. The "right" to engineer staggering taxation on the community at large while they themselves are tax-free.
  14. The "right" to bribe and corrupt public officials, and to buy elections.

The Labor Barons and their henchmen—gangsters, goons, ex-convicts, convicts and "intellects" prostituted to them—have extended these "rights" on the pretense of giving "protection", in the true gangster or baronial sense, to workers. The more moronic element believe that the unions provide the higher wages, the employment and the standard of living that now prevail. It requires only a very mediocre memory to reveal how false is this claim.

Labor unions rose to relatively as great power in World War I and its aftermath, as they now enjoy. They then did not prevent depression and unemployment, or provide for it. On the contrary, they forced wages during the post-war era to such extortionate heights, and restricted production so much, as to force collapse of commerce and industry and to price workers out of their jobs. They forced an inflation so high that the unions themselves called a buyer's strike against the purchase of the very merchandise produced at the higher wages.

With unions equally strong in the 30's and now, the difference in the situation accounts for higher employment at this time. Industry was prostrate in the 30's and could provide no employment. It is strong and prosperous now, and therefore provides jobs. Strong industry provides employment. Strong and arrogant unions weaken industry and destroy employment.

The Labor Barons deliberately collaborated with the Dynasty and precipitated the depression of the 30's. The objective of the right wing Labor Baron is to control or destroy; and many of them have gained control of industries in their domains. The objective of the left wing and subversive Labor Baron is to destroy the U.S. Government and to create an American Soviet over which he hopes to be Commissar.

To cover up their crimes, the Labor Barons employed prostituted professors of economics and statisticians to throw dust in the eyes of the public and to falsely place the blame for the depression on capitalists and industry. The latter have been too stupidly disorganized to refute the false charges levelled against them.

What is more disastrous for the nation, is the fact that these "economists" who are prostituted to Labor Barons and most of them frankly Communists, have deluded the public into taking larger doses of the same quack medicine that killed the golden goose of prosperity in the 1920's—ever higher wages for ever less work. Their pretended purpose is "pump priming" and "increasing the purchasing power of the workers". At a time when the United States and the world at large are crying for greater production of the necessities of life, they are imposing a shortening of the work-week and a restriction of production. This is clearly a part and parcel of their wrecking program of Communization of the United States through national bankruptcy. As might be expected, the result of their activities is a rapidly mounting inflation.

Pretendedly in the interests of the workers, the vassals of the Labor Rights, the "padrones" extend the following so-called "rights":

1. The "right to work"—when, as, and if the Labor Baron wishes them to work. As a corollary to the "right to work" there is claimed the "property right" in a job. This means in principle that when an employer gives a man a job, that man acquires a share in the business, which is tantamount to confiscation of the employer's property. This is one phase of the idea that has been incorporated into our law, to the effect that any man who gives employment to another man and provides him with a living, is an enemy of society, a criminal suspect who is guilty of any and every crime until he proves himself innocent; and that he must be hounded, harassed and penalized at every turn.

2. The so-called "right to strike" consists of the right to violate the Constitutional rights of the others— the "right" to deprive the owner of the use of his property, the "right" to restrain trade, the "right" to use force and violence on the person and property of others, the "right" to assault, maim and murder, the "right" to deny others the "right to work" and earn a living, the "right" to endanger the health, safety, and lives of whole communities, and numerous other wrongs and crimes that when perpetrated by or under the direction of a Labor Baron are strangely converted, by a perversion of our laws, into "rights".

The "right to strike" is neither used nor intended primarily to benefit the worker. So-called organizational strikes, called by almost all Labor Barons annually under normal circumstances, are intended to assert the authority of Labor Barons over their vassal workers, to force them into line and to pay arrears in dues and special assessments including those levied for the strikes in question. They are primarily directed against the workers; and only secondarily against the employer and community.

Strikes are sources of revenue for the Labor Baron. They serve to dramatize him and put him before the public. In normal times strikes are the Labor Baron's chief function. The union member, or serf, loses wages during the period of strikes and can only be the loser. But the Labor Baron has asserted his authority and gained for himself notoriety and added income.

3. The "right to collective bargaining" which means the "right" of coercion, blackmail, extortion and hold-up of industry through their agents, the Labor Barons, in the pretended interest of the worker. These holdups of industry continue until high wages completely wipe out profits, shut down or bankrupt industry, and destroy employment. At the same time they force steady inflation. Ultimately they serve merely to impoverish the worker. Wages cannot be paid by industry that has no earnings for any length of time.

With the launching of the NRA the Federal Reserve Board and other banking pressure for prolonging the depression had been relieved slightly. Business began to pick up. The failure of the NRA to accomplish its purpose called for resumption of the depression. Roosevelt was put into service to mouth vigorous attacks upon business to smash the stock market and prolong the depression.

The attitude of the nation and of Congress made it apparent that dictatorship and industrial monopoly could be attained only by the Lenin formula of national bankruptcy. The squandering involved in prolonging the depression, in the Agricultural Allotment Plan, in Relief, and in other deliberately wasteful measures had not irreparably damaged the solvency of the nation. Only war, civil and external, could accomplish this. War was also required to attain a world-wide Imperial scheme. In the international sphere World War II solved that problem, while labor agitation served as a civil war.