Rockefeller Internationalist - Emanuel Josephson

America Betrayed — What Lies Ahead?
What Can we Do About it?

In his Rockefeller publicity in the Saturday Evening Post, Joe Alex Morris stated that in the plans of the Rockefellers for the U.S. "even a casual observer can see a pattern emerging . . . Just what that pattern will finally show, remains to be seen . . . "

"What pattern will finally show" can be predicted with a large measure of assurance on the basis of past record, present performance, and publicly avowed ideas and plans. New "Crusades" will be provided for the "peasants" to offer them an opportunity for blood-letting and an outlet for their exuberant energy and surplus production of men and things; and primarily to further the modern equivalent of the Holy Grail, world conquest and world oil monopoly.

Attainment of the intermediate objective will be marked by THE DECLINE AND FALL OF THE UNITED STATES, as predicted by Joseph and Stewart Alsop, cousins of Eleanor Roosevelt, in an article of that name published in the Coronet magazine in May 1948. They predicted that this would have been accomplished by 1954, with the setting up in this country of an absolute dictatorship that would align the country at the side of the other dictatorships that have been brought into being throughout the world under the Marxist "social sciences". This prediction by the Alsops was not based on guesswork but on their full and accurate knowledge of the conspiracy; for they are of the inner circle.

This pattern will be the fulfillment of that conjured by Rockefeller and his almoner, Gates, in the Occasional Letter No. 1 of Rockefeller's General Education Board: a feudal society in which the "peasants" are reduced to the status of serfs, or slaves, on the pretense of offering them "security".

The pattern of the American dictatorship was drawn up officially in the Hopley Plan For Defense Against Enemy Attack that was designed to mobilize and regiment 16,000,000 men and women, and was submitted to Secretary of Defense Forrestal in November, 1948. This dictatorship plan was prepared by the conspirators to be carried out in the guise of a defense measure in the midst of the "artificial alarm", in the words of John Foster Dulles, created by the first "military emergency".

To reduce resistance to it and to prepare the way for its more ready national acceptance, the conspirators arranged to have the plan adopted first in New York State, their usual procedure. Governor Thomas Dewey, is a trusted Rockefeller errand boy, who was openly ordered by the Rockefellers personally to run for reelection after bribery of candidate Hanley to withdraw. He has been for more than a decade, chief tool in putting up phony opposition and "bipartisanship" on the national scene, and is regularly employed by them to "run interference" for their administration in Washington. He demanded the passage of the bill as an "emergency" Defense Bill, in the war of nerves that the conspirators are waging on the American public, the "peasants", centering around the atom bomb.

The pattern is further revealed by the issue of Collier's that has been described, on the "approaching war with Soviet Russia."

The complete pattern, in the opinion of such students as Professor Harry Elmer Barnes, will be that portrayed in George Orwell's novel "1984"—complete and abject slavery under inhumanly brutal dictatorship.

The smashing of the British Empire and the control of the oil reserves and markets, that has been the objective of the Rockefeller Empire for more than half a century, has become an accomplished fact. This is demonstrated by the ousting of the British from Iran through the activities of the Rockefeller-Soviet Axis; by the virtual monopoly by the Standard Oil Co. (N.J.) and associates of refining and marketing in India, following the appointment of their agent, Chester Bowles, as U.S. Ambassador to India and the shipment there of grain valued at $190,000,000 with numerous other grants of millions, after India deliberately undertook to betray the U.S. to the Rockefeller-Soviet Axis; and by the concession renegotiated by the Rockefeller's Standard Oil Co. indirectly thru Glenn McCarthy, with an Egypt incited to revolt against British rule.

The enemy in our midst has woven a web of conspiracy for half a century. It is well on its way to accomplishing its purpose of replacing our Republic with a totalitarian monarchy of the "1984" pattern, and to use it to attain a world conquest with the aid of the Soviets and of even less highly organized gangsters such as the Mafia. What can we do to save our country, ourselves and our fortunes?

The problem is complicated by the fact that so many of us accept the conspirators' propaganda that "security" is to be preferred to freedom, even though it means serfdom. Inertia leads many to accept rule imposed on them by more aggressive, unscrupulous and ruthless elements. They are satisfied so long as their bellies are filled, their other animal cravings satisfied and they are diverted. Lacking these, they generally revolt. But there is grave danger that once the conspirators have destroyed freedom, modern techniques of enslavement devised by "social scientists" are so cruel, brutal and barbaric that any attempt at revolt would be doomed. To avert such a fate, immediate action must be taken to undo all the treacheries that have been perpetrated.

It would be unwise to be deluded by the "Freedom" movements mockingly launched by the conspirators. They are intended to divert attention from their destruction of our freedom at home by making a noisy pretense of restoring freedom to others.

The Constitution, as it originally stood, without its negating amendments, and the Bill of Rights are the instruments that endowed us with the large measure of freedom which we alone among the nations long enjoyed. They were drawn up, as a compromise, by a group that included some of the wisest, sincerest philosophers that ever assembled to draw up a blueprint of human organization. That blueprint was the first written expression of the concept that freedom, for which mankind had fought and died from the beginning of time, shall be the basis of government. Despite the fact that it was a compromise that has never been given full expression, or has actually been negated, in our laws that should have carried out its letter and spirit, it had assured our people the freedom that made our country what it is.

The Constitution is the chief obstacle to the plans of the conspirators. For this reason they call its eternal philosophy "obsolete"! With slyness, cunning and stealth they perpetually seek to pervert and erode it—by amendments, laws, "legal" decisions, evasions and "established" practises. Their objective is to destroy it principally by the strategy of demented Karl Marx who speciously, but plausibly, undertook to convince mankind that the devices that spelled abject slavery for centuries mean "security" and improvement on freedom.

The United Nations "Treaty" was entered into as has been related by the conspirators for the avowed purpose of thereby turning over to themselves our sovereignty, annulling the Constitution and superseding it as our basic law with a UN charter that will better serve their totalitarian objectives.

Our Constitution and law require, as has been related, that the conspirators be condemned, that all commitments to the UN in which they have treacherously involved us must be denounced, and our troops withdrawn from foreign lands without and more delay than is consonant with their security. The conspirators' "revolution by stealth and deceit" must be undone as rapidly as possible. For the menace to our security and solvency are grave. And day by day, more of our men are falling, victims of the most shameful betrayal in history.

Mindful of the adage: "Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad", the conspirators have perverted the nation's minds through control of "education" and mass communication. We must open our ears, eyes and minds to the things that they do not want us to know, and suppress. Education, especially in the formative ages, must be made nationalist, patriotic and pro-Constitutional. For if the mind is warped in childhood to reject freedom and the Constitution that gave birth to it, and to accept the slavery of Rockefellerism, we are lost.

We must eliminate censorship from all channels of mass information and make them common carriers of political thought, subject solely to the limitation of loyal support of the Constitution. Censorship of radio and television, reinforced by limitation of station licenses subject to political approval, are especially menacing. For stations are compelled to broadcast the conspirators' subversive propaganda as "non-controversial" and loyal views that uphold the Constitution are barred as "controversial".

The Constitution gave our government the form of a democratic republic, a representative government in which, theoretically, all citizens have the right to vote. The conspirators have expressed their intent ultimately to rob the people, openly, of their franchise. Stealthily, they already have robbed the nation of its power to choose their representatives, and of any effective representation, by seizing control of all parties' nominating machinery.

For decades the candidates for important offices have been a "parade of Rockefeller dummies". The voters had no real choice at the polls, for the candidates of both parties were pledged to betray the nation into new Rockefeller "Crusades".

Voting machines that can be fixed as readily as the slot machines turned out by the same manufacturers, trick the voter and have made voting futile. All pretense of real opposition between the parties has been abandoned. Nominations are held by the parties, successively, in the same meeting places, for the acknowledged purpose of "saving expenses"—that are obviously defrayed by the same individuals. The nominations of "opposing" candidates are obviously idle gestures of the conspirators for contemptuous diversion of the "peasants".

In 1952 the conspirators are trying to give the nation a new version of "Hobson's choice", by imposing their puppet Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower on both major parties as "bipartisan candidate" who could rapidly prepare the way for dictatorship if elected. To guard against miscarriage of their plans, all other nominees are also theirs.

Robert A. Taft, for instance, is bogus leader of the fake "opposition". He is of the Roosevelt-Delano Dynasty, that has placed more than a dozen of its members in the White House, has played the role of America's Royal Family, and has misruled and mulcted the country for more than a century before the Rockefeller Empire joined forces with it. Like his father, he derives from Rockefeller's Ohio Republican machine, built by Mark Hanna. His record reveals him as a weak, ineffective rubber stamp of their New Deal. His "opposition" requires merely slight modification, for the record.

Taft's law firm has been counsel to Jack Kroll, National Chairman of the CIO-PAC; and apparently his record has been quite satisfactory to the radical CIO. The "fight" on him was part of the sham of grooming him as star of the fake "opposition". A basically sound bill drawn up by Hartley, he did his best to emasculate for the CIO. The law that bears his name upholds the violations of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, justice and honesty that prevail in labor law and practise. The Taft-Hartley Act is the Magna Charta of labor bosses and racketeers and protects the labor agitators and the apostles of class warfare in their illicit power.

Taft served Abby Rockefeller Milton in connection with the Charleston Shipyard and its lucrative dealings with the Government during World War II. He also served as Trustee of the Rockefeller-dominated Carnegie Endowment For International Peace, the refuge of Alger Hiss. He ranked as a Rockefeller "internationalist" long before "bipartisan" Sen. Vanderberg somersaulted to become bellwether of their cause in the Senate. Now, with "internationalism" become unpopular, Taft shams "opposition" to it but he shrinks from "isolationism", the conspirators' smear for nationalism and patriotism. He is merely a bit less "internationalist" and not willing to go "all out" in betraying the country.

On January 1, 1951, Taft announced that he opposed the sending of troops to Korea and Europe by Truman as un-Constitutional, and that he would fight it to the last ditch. He sounded like a good American, a patriot who would not blanch at the "isolationist" smear. But on the next day he backed down and agreed to a bit of un-Constitutionality, and the sending of troops to Europe. Day by day he backed down, until eventually he advocated a European-troop program exceeding the original proposal.

His New Deal Rockefellerism emerged in his bill to socialize medicine and his housing bill in which his name was coupled with that of Rockefeller's chief New Deal agent, and staunch friend of the subversives, Sen. Wagner—the Taft-Ellender-Wagner Bill. He also supported the conspirator's Federal Aid to Education Bill.

Taft's Presidential nomination would spell extreme danger for our Republic because it would bolster the Roosevelt-Delano Dynasty's pretensions to divine right to rule the U.S. His case would be the second in the Dynasty of father succeeding son to the Presidency, the Adamses being the only other instance.

The "Parade of Rockefeller Dummies" has brought "One World", UN delegate Harold Stassen to the front, offering himself as a Presidential "joker" Xmas gift to the nation. His proposed platform is Rockefellerism modified by opportunism. He plans to make his Cabinet more completely than ever a Rockefeller agency by recruiting it from Rockefeller's Foreign Office, the Council on Foreign Relations, with such of their puppets as Ralph J. Bunche and Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, to carry out policies dictated by Alger Hiss, Joseph E. Johnson, Frederick Vanderbilt Field and Owen Lattimore, on behalf of the Rockefeller-Soviet Axis. In his every public act and utterance, Stassen has proved himself completely subservient to his Rockefeller masters, their "trained seal" in their bogus "opposition", a rubber stamp of their "New Deal" and a betrayer of our country. If our Constitution and our nation are to survive, he and all his breed must be ejected from public life. Gen. MacArthur and other real Americans whom he proposes to use as deodorants for his breed, should spurn this agent of the very forces that they are fighting.

Eisenhower, Stassen, Warren, Taft and all candidates of both the Republican and Democratic parties, nominated by the conspirators, will run, like Sen. Estes Kefauver, in the words of Walter Trohan, on a "Benedict Arnold platform."

The nation must repudiate all of these candidates of the group whom Harry Shippe Truman accused of "treason". It must seize the nominating power from the conspirators, however completely they have stolen it from the nation. If it is impossible to secure amendment of the laws in regard to nominations, the public can resort to "write-ins" for Presidential and other candidates. The situation is critical. It must be done now or never.

Control of nominations must be taken out of the hands of private cliques and given to the people, if our franchise is not to rival in absurdity the one-party tickets of the Soviets. Any honest loyal American who seeks to serve the nation would be preferable to any of the candidates groomed by the conspirators, and should be given an equal opportunity to offer himself and his program to the nation. Nomination and election campaigns should be financed by the Treasury, to avoid moneyed dictatorship, and monarchy. Public officers who betray their trust and fail to uphold the Constitution must be impeached under its provisions.

Freedom of life and other property rights assured by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, have been destroyed by the conspirators. The Constitution gives the right to draft life and property for the defense of the U.S. only. For more than three decades, men have been drafted, denied the freedom of life, and met death in the battlefields around the world, and the nation bled by taxation, primarily for the expansion of a hostile power, the Rockefeller Empire, and the support and defense of its allies, in violation of the Constitution.

Private property rights assured by the Constitution have been completely abrogated by the conspirators and the wealth of the nation confiscated in various manners. Farmers have been denied the use of their land for crops. Their losses were subsidized by the nation as a whole, because they constitute a vociferous majority. But property owners, who are a minority, have been forced to subsidize lower rents for the public, under "rent control", by outright confiscation of their property and other rights, by bureaucratic edict from which there is no appeal, in complete disregard of honesty, principle or the Constitution,—robbed as effectively as if a gun were held to their heads.

The slyest methods that the conspirators have adopted for looting the nation is Karl Marx's program of progressive income tax, which they have incorporated into the Constitution by the 16th Amendment, and inheritance taxes. An income tax can be the most just form of taxation if it is made to comply with the Constitution and if it is honestly administered by law, not by bureaucratic edict. As proposed by Karl Marx, and as adopted in our law, it is a device for confiscation of wealth and forcing a revolutionary "new social order."

Under its provision neither income nor capital belong to the citizen except by consent of Congress, whose power of taxation is unlimited. Capital is being confiscated by legal and bureaucratic interpretation of capital gains as current income. The nation has not suspected the extinction of property rights until recently because the conspirators have gone slowly about the process of confiscation of wealth, until now it is faced with such wholesale looting by taxation that extinction of property rights is obviously imminent unless the Amendment and law are revoked.

As might be expected, the conspirators have exempted themselves from income tax and inheritance tax looting, by loopholes they have written into the laws and regulations. They have provided tax exemption for their bogus "foundations", for oil drilling, for earnings on foreign holdings, for their labor goons and racketeers and their union rackets, and an endless array of other devices the use of which they reserve to themselves. Through nepotism and corruption this income tax thievery has been converted into a means of rewarding friends and oppressing enemies. Blackmail of citizens by bureaucrats and their criminal associates is a natural outgrowth, and plays an important role in maintaining conspirators in power. The effectiveness of income tax in oppression and looting of the nation is enhanced by making evasion of income taxes the most heinous crime.

To make the tax more palatable to the "peasants", it has been made "progressive", or "soak the rich", class legislation that initially exempted a large section of the nation. The exempted were too shortsighted to realize that it would be merely a matter of time before they also would be victimized. In a special dispatch to the N.Y. Times on January 4, 1952, the Treasury issued another false attack designed to deceive the public in regard to the protection of property rights by limitation of taxes, directed against the Committee for Constitutional Government and the American Taxpayers Association. It falsely alleged that limitation of taxes would merely benefit the rich.

For national salvation the entire income tax thievery and fraud must be wiped off the statute books. There must be written into the Federal and State Constitutions a limit of total tax assessable by the government of 10 percent of income. Multiplicty of taxes and hidden taxes must be abolished. Excise taxes on poisons, such as liquor and tobacco, that leads officialdom to encourage victimization of the public, also should be abolished as unethical, as well as futile. For in most instances these taxes serve only to support the parasitic bureaucrats that administer them; and in more than one instance that cost amounts to more than the tax collected.

"The power to tax is the power to destroy" is an old adage, that is eternally true. Limitation of that power will do much to protect our government and ourselves from destruction by the enemies in our midst. The power to intensify tax looting in "emergencies" and wars is often the reason why the plotters precipitate wars, as in the case of Korea. In the words of John Foster Dulles, wars serve the purpose of keeping the nation "artificially alarmed" and creating "justification" for intensifying the looting. In this, the maneuvers of the Rockefeller Soviet Axis have served so well that the tax looted from the country during the Truman Administration, in the years 1945-51, have mounted to more than the $260,000,000,000 tax levied by the Federal Government in the century and a half prior. In the meantime the conspirators have placed an ever larger number of employees on the Government payroll and made so large a proportion of the citizenry dependent upon it that their Marxist goal of making everyone the servant of a totalitarian State is rapidly looming in sight.

More subtle than even the income tax device for looting nations, is the control of currency. In these matters the Rockefeller Empire has been guided by the principal German agents of the Bismarxian conspiracy, Felix and Paul Warburg, sons of M. M. Warburg, representative of the Rothchilds and banker for the German governments, including Hitler's. The Warburgs became partners of Rockefeller's bankers, Kuhn Loeb & Co. at the beginning of the century, directly after their arrival in this country from Germany. With the cooperation of the Rockefeller interests, represented by Senator Aldrich, they promptly set about creating the Federal Reserve Bank as a private corporation that, in violation of the Constitution, controls our currency system, and through it, manipulates and steadily absorbs the wealth of the nation for the conspirators, and dominates the industry, commerce and policies of the nation.

A quick understanding of the extent of the looting that can be accomplished by this control of the currency system by the conspirators, without going into the technicalities of the mechanism, can be conveyed by one simple statement, to wit: The same conspirators, with the same mechanics that they are employing in the U.S., engineered the devastating inflation in Germany that wiped out the wealth of the citizenry and destroyed their freedom. They also planted revolution and Communism in Russia. Every device and method that they employed in those countries has been adopted in their domestic conspiracy. Every move that they make in their pretense of fighting inflation is deliberately designed to increase it and to hasten the debacle.

The staggering taxation, which they pretend will cut the purchasing power of the people and "prevent inflation, is the most powerful factor in increasing inflation. Taxes are an integral part of cost, often multiplied many times. The increased revenue from taxes also increases the amount of money available for spending by the government itself, the most powerful factor in speeding inflation. On the other hand the conspirators block increased production, the only final deflationary force, even more directly, by rigid restrictions of production. To these devices they add the tremendous costs of a vast bureaucracy, of welfare and social security trickery, of increased wages fostered for their own advantages through class, "labor" legislation and "collective bargaining", deficit financing and by enormous and steadily rising appropriations for "defense", the Point 4 program and Marshall Plan and pretense of "fighting Communism" in Korea and Europe, most of which flows directly into the kitty of their gigantic swindle, and to the bolstering of the Soviets.

The value of ruinous inflation for the success of the totalitarian conspiracy was pointed out long ago by both Marx and Lenin. In one stroke the "new social order" can be attained by individual and national bankruptcy. Inflation by manipulation of currency, the squandering of the wealth of the nation, deficit financing and ruinous taxation must all be checked and the plotters ousted, if we are ever to recover our freedom and survive as a nation.

The solution of the currency problem is not a difficult one, if there arises a will to solve it. The solution lies in exactly the opposite direction from the measure imposed on the nation by the conspirators. It lies primarily in the direction of stimulating maximum production of the necessities of life, a surplus economy instead of the present restriction of production and scarcity economy. Such maximum production is only feasible if provision is made for stabilizing the value of what is produced, and for storing it for long periods against time of need. It is the solution that Joseph offered Pharaoh, according to the Bible—the lesson that the conspirators do not wish their puppet economists to teach.

The device has succeeded under normal conditions as applied to gold, in the form of the gold standard. It inevitably will succeed as well in maintaining the monetary value of other staples if the monetary standard is rationally extended to include all staples. Coupled with true freedom of employment that would eliminate all need for labor unionism and associated rackets that are operated in the pretended interest of the workers, it would enable us to attain the form of government that was envisaged by the wise authors of our Constitution. For a detailed discussion of an obvious solution of this problem, the reader is referred to the author's books, Your Life Is Their Toy and The Strange Death Of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The conspirators are rapidly converting government into a totalitarian tyranny. They are making our Government a device for harassing, oppressing, looting, and for executing citizens in wars cooked up by them. We are further from the Constitution and the Bill of Rights than the country was at the time of the Declaration of Independence.

Normal intelligence and regard for the security of the nation demands that only loyal, native-born citizens should be eligible for public office. For persons who would not feel some allegiance to the land of their birth, could not be expected to be capable of allegiance to their land of adoption, and they should be rejected, therefore, for citizenship. On the other hand, persons whose loyalty is divided, cannot be regarded as wholly dependable in conflicts involving the two countries. They, therefore, should be ineligible for public office.

Restricting public office to native-born, provably loyal citizens would serve to eliminate the presently widely prevailing practise of foreign governments sending their spies and agents here to become "naturalized", and to serve them in the capacity of bogus "American" citizens, often in top, policymaking capacities. Lauchlin Currie, for instance, actually held public office before he became a citizen. He was planted in the White House as Assistant to President Roosevelt, where he was in a position to influence our national policies, and did so, to our sad disadvantage.

Our enemies defy us with impunity and our so-called "allies" and "friends" betray us, confident in the knowledge that their highly placed spies and agents, in our government and in the UN, will protect them from reprisals and render us impotent.

All public officers whose loyalty comes under the slightest question, must be driven out and prosecuted to the full limit of the law. Execution for treason must be restored to practise.

It is a sad commentary on the state of the nation that it is the women, led by the brilliant and courageous Vivien Kellem, and the patriotic, truly American housewives of Marshall, Texas, who alone have had the courage to revolt against the conspiracy that is rapidly betraying our country to ruin and destruction. Even sadder is the picture of the rejection of Kellem's candidacy for public office in favor of subversive puppets of the conspirators.

Unless the rank and file of the nation can be awakened and induced to slough off their excitement over forms of amusement such as so-called "sports", ball games, "fixes", movie stars and television and comics, and devote their energies whole-heartedly to the measures that spell their survival —life or death—our outlook is black. If, however, the nation can be as completely aroused, as are those intelligent and courageous women, past performance indicates that he cowardly conspirators will run for cover. Chameleon-like they will try to change color, much as they have when confronted with the nation's change of sentiment regarding Communism—they now all pretend to be "Socialists" or American Democrats for Action. The nation would be imbecilic indeed, if it permits itself to be deceived by those turncoats.

As for the master conspirators, and their ill-gotten gains, their fate can be entrusted to an aroused American public. The lives that they have cost our people can not be recovered. The wealth can he regained by the nation.