Broken Cross - Piers Compton

This book was written in the early 1980's by a Catholic layman alarmed at the direction of the post Vatican II church. The author makes well supported charges the uppermost offices of the Church have been infiltrated by luciferian Secret Societies, and that the problem is not confined to liberal prelates. He provides evidence that John XXIII and Paul VI were likely members of secret cults, and that John Paul I was murdered. Such is likely to be disturbing to Catholics who put their trust in the current Roman Curia.

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The Broken Cross
The Hidden Hand in the Vatican

Note: Piers Compton's book did not originally include chapter Titles. All Chapter Titles and subtitles have been added by the Heritage History Editor

[Book Cover] from The Broken Cross by Piers Compton

Paul VI with the 'Broken Cross' papal ferula

[Title Page] from The Broken Cross by Piers Compton

Mirror of Fazzini 'Resurrection' sculpture in Paul VI Audience Hall.