Midshipman Farragut - James Barnes

This exciting adventure story follows the boyhood of the Civil War era naval hero David Farragut during his days as a midshipman during the War of 1812. His escapades on the USS Essex were as action-packed as his later ventures during the Civil War, and they are the primary focus of this biography.

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Farragut, Porter on the Essex


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To my friend Loyall Farragut, whose work The Life of David Glasgow Farragut, I have drawn upon so frequently, this little books is dedicated. The interest he has shown in my attempt to tell a story of the boyhood of his father to the boys of today is hereby acknowledged with deep gratitude.


In writing this little book the author has adhered closely to facts in the boyhood life of Admiral Farragut, and if possibilities in the way of conversations and incidents have been introduced, they can hardly be said to be pure inventions. In the Memoirs of Commodore David Porter, written by his son, the late Admiral David D. Porter, are recorded many historical speeches, some of which the author of this chronicle has taken the liberty of reproducing, setting them down verbatim. Porter's Narrative, a journal kept by the commander of the Essex, has been of great assistance to the author also in this writing, and from the Life and Letters of Admiral Farragut much more has been gleaned, and not a little taken from unpublished correspondence.

The characters, with one exception, are historical, and but one or two small incidents, that might well have happened, have been taken from the imagination.

That so young a boy should have displayed such fortitude and knowledge as are recorded of Midshipman Farragut may strike us as being almost too wonderful, but in the matter of dates and facts, as I have said, this is the early record of a life whose great promise was fulfilled.

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