Kissinger - Gary Allen

The Impact of Kissinger

The deteriorating world situation is one most people would rather not think about. Surely, somehow we will muddle through, doesn't God watch over drunks, small children, and the United States of America? Our citizens have fretted about Communism for so long we are tired of fretting, the tragic Vietnam war drained our emotional reserves. Now most of us don't want to think about international affairs. Maybe detente will work. Maybe the Communists have lost their zeal and will settle for live-and-let-live coexistence with America. And maybe cows can fly.

Sure, we can dream. But dreaming is very dangerous while driving. We had better wake up before the national automobile goes careening off the road.

Let's look at what has happened during the eight years Kissinger has held the reins of power in Washington. We know that this protege of the Rockefeller family was carefully trained and coached by his oily benefactors for his position in the Nixon Administration.

Remember that Nelson sent Henry off to Washington with a $50,000 "gift" in his wallet. Even if we dismiss the possibilities that Kissinger has been a double-agent, serving the Soviets since the end of World War II (and this is certainly a charge which merits thorough investigation), it is undeniable that Kissinger is a paid agent of the House of Rockefeller, and has been since his days at Harvard.

Moreover, it is beyond dispute that the chief goal of the Rockefeller family is the creation of what they call a New World Order. This phrase is used over and over again by the Rockefellers and their agents and allies in the Shadow Government, including Henry A. Kissinger. Herr Henry can barely finish a paragraph, much less a whole speech, without using this key phrase two or three times.

The Rockefellers do not even bother denying that World Government is their goal. Nelson acknowledged as much in a book called The Future of Federalism, in which he boldly stated that national independence is outmoded and must be replaced by an international super-government, the book, first published in 1963, has been reissued since Rocky became Vice President. The Rockefellers do not need to keep their plans secret; they know that the mass media won't blow the whistle on them. When you own the referees, you don't need to worry about the American public upsetting the game plan for a New World Order!

During his nearly eight years at the helm of American foreign policy, Kissinger has diligently pursued the Rockefeller plan for a Great Merger into a New World Order.

The master planners running the show know that American are not going to surrender their sovereignty—unless they feel there is simply no other alternative. In order to create the psychological atmosphere within America for acceptance of the New World Order, the Shadow Government has had to build the Soviet Union into a credible threat.

Achieving this has taken bluff and bluster, and literally billions of dollars in aid and trade, but it has finally been accomplished. When Kissinger told Admiral Zumwalt that America is comparable to Athens, while the Soviet Union is Sparta, he was describing the position that he has labored to create! Once the machines of mass misinformation in the media convince enough Americans that this is indeed the case, the next step will be the argument that the best deal we as Athens can get is to merge in a world government with Sparta. And the trusting, gullible American public will reluctantly conclude that this must be true.

Kissinger has consistently promoted programs to build up the Soviet Union, by transferring critical technology to Russia and by making billions of dollars in loans and credits available to the Soviets. Once he had taken control of foreign policy, Henry the K could then hit freedom with a double-whammy. At the same time he was turning on the electricity to activate the communist Frankenstein, he was turning off the current to the monster's victims. Or, to switch analogies in midstream, Henry has provided guns to the neighborhood hoodlums and then told the local merchants not to bother him with their new problems.

Most Americans still do not realize what Kissinger and his masters are arranging for them, or what they have already arranged for others, but when Vietnam was personally giftwrapped for the communists by our Nobel Peace Prize-winning Secretary of State, the non-Communists in Asia saw the Red handwriting on the wall. The fact that Henry was actually in Peking on the very day that the Nationalist Chinese—the staunchest anti-Communists in Asia, and our one-time allies—were kicked out of the United Nations, made the signals unmistakably clear. Japan, the Philippines, and other Asian nations, realizing the implications of their comer of the world being dominated by Maoland, began clamoring for the best deal they could get with the Communists.

Free China is abandoned and stranded; the courageous people there are being left to turn slowly, slowly in the wind, with socialist India already a quasi-Soviet satellite, and the Suez Canal open to the Soviet fleet, the Indian Ocean is being turned into a Red lake. No opposition to communist imperialism can be expected from that part of the world.

The ship of Western Civilization has been deliberately torpedoed in Africa, and is sinking now. secretary of State Kissinger helped fire the crucial shot when he encouraged the fall of Portugal from the ranks of anti-Communist nations, thereby leaving the Portuguese territories in Africa ripe for plucking. Angola and Mozambique were swallowed almost at once. It is probable that Rhodesia will be the next to fall. And then beleaguered south Africa will be the only outpost against communism on the continent, left without friends, without aid, and without hope; how long will it remain free?

The picture in Europe is hardly brighter. England is destitute and decadent, the victim of decades of socialism foisted upon it by limousine liberals and rule-or-ruin union leaders.

In France, the Communists now have the country's second-largest political party and through a coalition with other socialist parties, could come to power at any time.

The same situation prevails in Italy. Thanks to our inept policies, the U.S. Navy is no longer welcome in Greece. As a result of the Soviet buildup and defaulting by U.S. policy-makers, the Mediterranean is now thoroughly dominated by the Russian Navy.

What can one say about the Middle East? It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. It is a pail of snakes and a bucket of worms. God knows how it will all end. But, one this is certain: The Middle Ease is a time bomb ticking away, and the United States is arming both Israel and the Arabs with the world's most sophisticated weapons.

Henry Kissinger's Middle East peace plan calls for 200 Americans to staff three electronic warning stations located in the Sinai desert between the Arabs and Israelis. Could there be a better way to get us involved in a Mideast War? What happens if one side or the other attacks and kills those Americans? Or what if one side wipes out a town or a garrison on the other side—and the U.S. is blamed for not alerting the victims? Does it all sound too much like the Tonkin Gulf incident, which was used to ram through a House Resolution authorizing our involvement in Vietnam?

There is one continent where the communists suffered defeats during the past eight years: South America. In both Brazil and Chile, openly Marxist rulers were tossed out and replaced by anti-Communists. You would think that America's leaders would be thankful; instead, Henry the K has criticized the new governments far more harshly than he did their Communist predecessors.

And other countries, looking to see what the might colossus to the north will do next, are aware that Kissinger intends to legitimize the Castro regime and surrender control of our Panama Canal to Panamanian dictator Torrijos, a Communist puppet. Letting the Canal fall under anti-American domination will be the signal to other South American countries that they too had better scramble to get the best deal they can in the New World Order.

Take a look at the globe and you can see the kettle of fish Henry has prepared for us. The natural resources of the world and the sea lanes to transport them increasingly are controlled by the Communists. The implications of the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal, the Cape of Good Hope, the Indian Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea being closed to U.S. shipping are enormous. And, the Soviets are going for the jugular, when Argentina decides that Athens is capitulating to Sparta and elects to take sides with the apparent winner, the noose would be cinched.

Operating behind the cloak of detente the Soviets are expanding their spheres of interest and are devoting more and more of their resources to converting the technology we supply them into military goods and weapons. At the same time, more and more of our military budget is being spent on salaries and fancy padding, not weapons research and development.

In retrospect, it may turn out that the Vietnam War was the worst disaster ever to befall the United States. The war could have been won—or lost—very quickly.

Even if we had decided to toss in the towel in Vietnam, as the French did before us, the United States still could have survived. But, to fight a war for twelve years—pulling our punches all of the time—and then to walk away, letting the Communists overrun the country, is unquestionably the worst of all possible worlds.

Look what the "no-win" Vietnam war did to America. First, it badly dislocated our economy, triggering a wave of inflation with far-reaching consequences that are still hurting us. More important, the Vietnam War gave birth to and nurtured the "new morality" and the hippy subculture. It led millions of young persons to hate and despise their country. In the long run, the dug-and-dropout culture spawned by the Vietnam War may prove more damaging to the United States than an atom bomb attack.

Moreover, the war discredited, discouraged, and demoralized our military in a way that no defeat on the battlefield ever could. The ultimate casualty, however, may have been America's conscience and spirit. Our will to resist Communism may have been buried beneath the frustration of the Vietnam war, while our dedication to the cause of freedom is mesmerized by Kissinger's siren song of detente.

At least this is what Henry Kissinger and his masters in the Shadow Government hope has happened. If America has lost the will to resist, then our collapse—and the triumph of Kissinger's New World Order—are inevitable.

To hasten the day when "Athens" is so weak and "Sparta" so strong that resistance is impossible, Henry the K has given the Communists the green light everywhere in the world. And their progress during the past eight years is nothing short of phenomenal. Yet thanks to the cloak of silence that is maintained around Communist advances by the mass media, their gains have passed virtually unnoticed by the majority of Americans.

It is not enough that Henry Kissinger be retired as Secretary of State, and allowed to retreat to some Ivy League citadel of illogic. Daily he becomes more controversial . . but for all of the wrong reasons. Yes, he is arrogant. He is deceptive. He is an egomaniac. He is all the things that his political critics say he is. He will probably be gone by January 1977, as the Shadow Government offers up his departure to quiet the populace. But the Insiders will move heaven and earth to perpetuate his policies.

Getting rid of Kissinger is important, yes. But if he is replaced by just another Rockefeller front man, the gesture will be meaningless. In order to survive, America must repudiate Kissinger's policies and restore its determination to remain free and independent. This means shutting off the transfer of money and technology to our avowed enemies, re-establishing our defensive capabilities, and encouraging other nations in the non-Communist world to defend themselves.

Under the present game plan there is no reason fore the Communists to abandon their goals, why should they, when they are winning?

But Communism, for all its successes (mostly sponsored by "our" government), is very fragile. Its economy is not self-sufficient and its satellites are not loyal. If we stopped rescuing Communism from its failures and propping up its slave system, the Soviet Union would have to practice genuine peaceful coexistence. It would have to stop its efforts to conquer others, and turn inward to solve its own problems or face some nasty revolts.

The road to true peace with freedom does not lie in disarmament and detente, but in strength and resolve.

The United States stayed on that road during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries, and our policies made us the hope and envy of the world. It is not too late to switch paths; it is not too late to tell Henry Kissinger and his masters and mentors in the Shadow Government that we want no part of their New World Order.

But we must start now. And the order to change directions must come from you.