Kissinger - Gary Allen

This book provides a clear-eyed and devastating look at the treachery and corruption of America's "shadow government" during the 1970s by focusing on the career of Henry Kissinger, who the author identifies as a CFR agent loyal to the internationalist Rockefeller cabal. The book shows how Kissinger's State department served to promote his master's vision of a "New World Order" by working to weaken the United States, betray Americans, and empower totalitarian governments throughout the world.

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About the Author

Gary Allen (August 2,1936—November 29, 1986)

Gary Allen was a California based free-lance journalist. After majoring in history at Stanford University and doing graduate work at California State College at Long Beach, he became aware through independent research that his college courses had been highly slanted. Many of the most important facts had been left out. His books are a result of his "personal post graduate studies" in finding out "who's who" in American politics.

Allen was a prominent member and spokesman of the John Birch Society during its early years. He contributed to magazines such as Conservative Digest and American Opinion since 1964. He also was the speech writer for George Wallace during the Alabama Governor Presidential campaigns. His works include:

  • Communist Revolution in the Streets, 1967
  • Nixon's Palace Guard, Western Islands, 1971
  • Richard Nixon: The Man Behind the Mask, 1971
  • None Dare Call It Conspiracy, 1972
  • Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Carter, 1976
  • Kissinger: The Secret Side of the Secretary of State, 1976
  • The Rockefeller File, 1976
  • Tax Target, Washington, 1978
  • Ted Kennedy: In Over His Head, 1981
  • Say "No!" to the New World Order, 1987

While he was actively involved in leadership of the JBS, the organization helped to publish and promote his most well-known book, None Dare Call It Conspiracy (1972). It was sold and distributed by private channels and in this way reached over 2 million Americans. Allen's books remain an excellent introductions to the conspiritorial view of history and are some of the best sources for understanding the truth about Amarican history from WWII to the early Reagan era, but they are becoming increasingly difficult to access.

In 1983, Robert Welch stepped down as president of JBS. His successor, congressman Larry MacDonald, was killed a few months later when his plane was shot down over Russia. Gary Allen had a "parting of ways" with the leadership of JBS that replaced McDonald and he also died shortly therafter at age 50 of "liver failure" due to "diabetes". Gary Allen's books are no longer published by JBS or is affiliate, the American Opinion publishing company. The JBS can now almost certainly be considered "controlled opposition".

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