Romulus - Jacob Abbott

This story of early days of Rome, begins with the legendary flight of Aeneas from Troy and his adventures before around the Mediterranean before founding a kingdom in Latium. The story of Romulus, the prince of Latium who founded the city of Rome does not begin until halfway through the book. From that point all the most famous legends of the founding of Rome are recounted, from the strange childhood of Romulus and Remus, to the kidnapping of the Sabine women, to the mysterious death of Rome's first king.

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In writing the series of historical narratives to which the present work pertains, it has been the object of the author to furnish to the reading community of this country an accurate and faithful account of the lives and actions of the several personages that are made successively the subjects of the volumes, following precisely the story which has come down to us from ancient times. The writer has spared no pains to gain access in all cases to the original sources of information, and has confined himself strictly to them. The reader may, therefore, feel assured in perusing any one of these works, that the interest of it is in no degree indebted to the invention of the author. No incident, however trivial, is ever added to the original account, nor are any words even, in any case, attributed to a speaker without express authority. Whatever of interest, therefore, these stories may possess, is due solely to the facts themselves which are recorded in them, and to their being brought together in a plain, simple, and connected narrative.

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