Rulers of India

Authors: Lane-Poole, Malleson, Smith, etc.
Publisher: Oxford, Clarendon Press
Dates: 1891–1900

Comprehensive series that covers all of the important rulers of India, both under British Rule, and previously.

Albuquerque: Rulers of India   by Morse Stephens
This book presents the life story of Alfonso de Albuquerque, the Portuguese admiral primarily responsible for establishing the Portuguese trading empire in India and the Spice Islands. Against great odds he led his forces against the dominant Arab traders of the region and within his short reign of six years had captured Goa and Malacca, and made the Portuguese the primary merchants in the region. 79 credits

Babar   by S. Lane-Poole
0 credits

Aurangzib   by S. Lane-Poole
0 credits

Akbar   by G. B. Malleson
0 credits

Lord Clive   by G. B. Malleson
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