Peeps at History

Edited by: John Finnemore
Authors: John Finnemore, Beatrice Home, G.E. Mitton, James Baikie
Publisher: Adam and Charles Black, London
Dates: 1911–1914

The Peeps at History series, in spite of its frivolous name, is a well done, nicely illustrated, set of clear and succinct histories. Each book is less than 100 pages, well well-organized, and written in a clear and helpful fashion. Obviously, there is little room in such a short book to develop many of the most interesting charactesr of history in detail, but as a quick overview, that covers the major developments in each nation, the Peeps series, is quite useful.

Barbary Rovers: Peeps at History   by John Finnemore
This book gives a short but fascinating history of the Barbary pirates from the time the Moors were driven from Spain in 1492 until the overthrow of Algeria by France in the late 1800's. For nearly four hundred years, the Barbary pirates were the terror of the Mediterranean and took thousands of Christian European captives. The story of their depredations is both tragic and entertaining.44 credits

Japan: Peeps at History   by John Finnemore
This succinct and nicely illustrated history of Japan covers the four main historical periods of Japan up until the First World War. These include the legendary period (660 B.C. to 645 A.D.), the Fujiwara and Taira Dynasties (645 to 1186), the Shogunate (1186 to 1868), and the modern period (from the opening of Japan in 1868). It is a short but excellent introduction to a fascinating culture. 55 credits

France: Peeps at History   by John Finnemore
This book provides a succinct but thorough history of France, beginning with the Gauls under Roman rule and extending to the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars. All of the major characters and events in French history are briefly treated and the book is beautifully illustrated with important French characters and events. 37 credits

Germany: Peeps at History   by John Finnemore
This brief history of Germany begins with the migration of the Germanic tribes over Europe around the fifth century A.D. and ends with the Franco Prussian War and the creation of the German confederation under the leadership of Prussia. It is beautifully illustrated and covers all the major characters and events of German history in less than a hundred pages. 40 credits

India: Peeps at History   by Beatrice Home
This history of India begins well before era of British colonization, during the age of the invasion of Alexander the Great, which was the west's first contact with the east. For much of the next millennium various Moslem lords rules parts of northern India. Finally, in the eighteenth century, France and Britain contested for control of the Asian trade centered in India, and for the following two centuries, India was Britain's most important colony. 45 credits

Canada: Peeps at History   by Beatrice Home
A concise, and wonderfully illustrated history of Canada. Although short and easily read, it covers all the major events in Canada, from the early settlements of Cartier and Champlain, to the Acadians, and the ongoing wars with the British, culminating in the fall of Quebec, to the early years of British dominion. An excellent introduction to Canadian History. 41 credits

Ireland: Peeps at History   by Beatrice Home
This history of Ireland is wonderfully short and clear, and yet it covers all the major events in Irish history from the Celtic era and the arrival of St. Patrick, to the rebellion during the Napoleonic Wars, and the period immediately preceding Irish Independence. The book is concise and well illustrated, and an excellent introduction to Irish History. 44 credits

Peeps at Ancient Rome   by Jamse Baikie
This book tells the story of Rome from the perspective of a traveler and explains many of the customs and mores of Rome as well as providing an abbreviated history. Much of the history is told by discussing important landmarks and sights. It is a social history and a geographical handbook more than a conventional history. 47 credits

Peeps at Ancient Assyria   by Jamse Baikie
This account of Ancient Syria does an excellent job presenting the story of Ancient Assyria in a manner appealing to middle school students. Much of the history of Assyria is known by archeological excavations as well as Biblical era chronicles, and Baikie does an excellent job of presenting archeological evidence in the context of an "Indiana Jones" style account of the search for artifacts. He also presents stories and mythologies that are appealing to young students, and ties in Assyrian history with that of the Biblical chronicles. 49 credits

Peeps at Ancient Egypt   by Jamse Baikie
This account of Ancient Egypt is beautifully illustrated, and gives a short but engaging introduction to the fascinating accomplishments of Egypt. The book is written to appeal to middle schools students, so the history and legends of Egypt are told in a story-book manner. Even topics of archeological or scholarly interest are simplified in a way an older grammar student could easily understand.45 credits

Peeps at Ancient Greece   by Jamse Baikie
0 credits

Scotland: Peeps at History   by G. E. Mitton
This short history of Scotland covers all the most important events from the Christianization of Scotland by St. Columba to the Jacobite Wars of the Early 18th century. It covers the well known stories of William Wallace and Robert Bruce, but also provides interesting sketches of other early Scottish Kings, the six James, the Story of Mary Stuart, the English Civil War in Scotland, the Jacobite Wars, and the role of the Highlander clans in Scottish history. 44 credits

Holland: Peeps at History   by John Finnemore
0 credits

Peeps at Ancient Crete   by Jamse Baikie
0 credits