St. Vincent de Paul

Lives of the Saints for Young and Old

Authors: F. A. Forbes
Publisher: R. & T. Washbourne, LTD, London
Dates: 1914–1921

This collection of saint biographies focuses on subjects that were not only personally holy, but also lived lives of great significance and influence. In each case their courage, piety, and faithfulness led them to choose a vocation that greatly impacted not only those around them, but also the whole course of Christianity. A number of these saints founded, or reformed orders that continued to serve Christ's mission on earth long after they, themselves passed on. Several others played a decisive roll in restoring Christian unity after a destructive schism. All are exemplary models of Christian piety.

The biographies in this collection are all written in a story based style that brings the characters to live. They are long enough to give a meaningful description of the major events in the lives of the saints, but still very accessible for intermediate readers. Each book is about 120 to 140 pages, and includes numerous illustrations.

Life of St. Vincent de Paul   by F. A. Forbes
This book tells the story of Vincent de Paul, one of the great saints of the French counter-reformation. He was born of a peasant family, and was ordained as a young man. One of his first assignments was as a chaplain to galley slaves, and this inspired him to dedicate the rest of his life to missionary work. He founded the order of the Lazarist missionary priests and with a nun friend assisted in the formation of the sisters of Charity. 36 credits

Life of St. Benedict   by F. A. Forbes
This book tells the story of St. Benedict, the founder of western Monasticism. He was born in the late fifth century as barbarians from the north and east overran the ruins of the fallen Roman empire and laid waste to the last vestiges of civilization. From this ruin, Benedict established an order of religious communities that survived the wreck of the dark ages.36 credits

Life of St. Teresa   by F. A. Forbes
Teresa of Avila is known both for her profound spiritual writings and for her work reforming the Carmelite orders of her day. A devout and sincere Christian from her early youth, she sought convent life but was distressed at the lax lifestyles tolerated at many convents. Her reforms were opposed by many, but she eventually won over even many of her greatest detractors by her sincere faith and great tact.38 credits

Life of Pius X   by F. A. Forbes
Pius X, born Giuseppe Sarto in a small town in Italy, was pope during the early years of the 20th century. He was a staunch supporter of traditional Catholic dogma against the surging tide of secular modernism, and his personal piety was a great inspiration to those around him. He opposed the increasingly anti-Christian government of France, stood firm for Catholic tradition and teach, and promoted the sacrament of the Eucharist. He died in the opening days of the Great War after doing everything in his power to prevent the calamitous conflict. 75 credits

Life of St. Ignatius of Loyola   by F. A. Forbes
Ignatius of Loyola was first a soldier from a noble family who fought for the Duke of Navarre. It was only while recovering from a serious wound that he came to understand the spiritual meaning of suffering and dedicated his life to Christ. The Jesuit order he founded demanded an unprecedented degree of education, obedience, and sacrifice, and was enormously influential in turning the tide of the reformation in Europe. 36 credits

Life of St. Columba   by F. A. Forbes
0 credits

Life of St. Monica   by F. A. Forbes
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Life of St. Catherine of Siena   by F. A. Forbes
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Life of St. Athanasius   by F. A. Forbes
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