Four Great Americans

Edited by: James Baldwin
Publisher: American Book Company
Dates: 1897-1905

This series of American biographies was edited by James Baldwin, of the American Book Company, a prominent editor of children's books in the early twentieth century. Each volume features the life stories of four prominent Americans written at an upper grammar or middle school level. In order to appeal to young readers, most of the biographies spend a considerable amount of time on the formative years of their subjects, and explain their accomplishments in terms that are of interest to a young audience.

Other volumes not included in our database are Four American Poets (Cody), Four American Writers (Cody), Four American Naval Heroes (Beebe), Four American Explorers (Kingsley), Great American Educators (Winship).

Four Great Americans   by James Baldwin
Elementary level biographies of four prominent American statesmen: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Daniel Webster, and Abraham Lincoln. The author emphasizes their childhoods and early careers rather than their political achievements in order to hold the interest of young children. 74 credits

Four American Patriots   by Alma H. Burton
Stories of four famous Americans. These well-developed biographies include the stories of Patrick Henry, the first governor of Virginia; Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury; Andrew Jackson, Indian fighter and seventh president; and Ulysses S. Grant, Civil War Hero and eighteenth president.81 credits

Four American Indians   by Frances Perry
Short and sympathetic biographies of four of the most prominent Indian chiefs in American History are provided in a single text. Each of the four subjects, including King Philip, Pontiac, Tecumseh, and Osceola, were talented leaders who organized diverse tribes to fight against the encroachments of the white man. 98 credits

Four American Inventors   by Frances Perry
Four short biographies of some of the most important inventors in American history, are provided in a single volume. The subjects include Fulton (steam-boat), Whitney (cotton-gin), Morse (telegraph), and Edison (all sorts of stuff). Attention is given not only to the lives of the subjects, but also to the importance of their inventions in American history.83 credits

Four American Pioneers   by Frances Perry
0 credits