The Vatican

The Catholic Church has a long and complicated relationship with the 'Synagogue of Satan.' There is no question that the Church officially condemns secret societies and that the vast majority of Christians are faithful to the truths of the Church and enemies of everything secret societies stand for. Unfortunately, certain religious orders and members of the Catholic hierarchy have been infiltrated with subversives and saboteurs, and they have done great harm.

Catholics Opposing Secret Societies — We have seen that many Catholic priests have taken a leadership role in researching and opposing secret societies and occult organizations. The books of some these faithful priests are listed in the Freemasonry section on the main Secret Societies page. In addition, books such as Pinay's Plot Against the Church present the Church's long war against heresy and subversion.

Plot Against the Church: Part 4 Maurice Pinay     (1962) 254 pts
Plot Against the Church: Part 4
Maurice Pinay     (1962) 254 pts
Freemasonry and the Vatican Leon de Poncins     (1967) 100 pts
Freemasonry and the Vatican
Leon de Poncins     (1967) 100 pts

Secret Societies Subverting Catholicism — Unfortunately, there is considerable evidence that secret societies have infiltrated Church leadership, not only during recent years, but for many centuries. We are therefore presenting several books that allege serious corruption at the highest levels of the Church, not out of distain, but out of concern and openness to the truth. Our own research appears to indicate corruption high up in the church hierachy, especially the Vatican, and that the leadership of the Jesuit Order has long been infiltrated; but faithful Catholics should do their own research and draw their own conclusions.

The Broken Cross Piers Compton     (1984) 153 pts
The Broken Cross
Piers Compton     (1984) 153 pts
Secret Instructions of Jesuits Diego Laynez     (1596) 42 pts
Secret Instructions of Jesuits
Diego Laynez     (1596) 42 pts

We are Catholic homeschoolers. We love all that is good and true in the Church, and do not want to harm our community or discourage dedicated Christians. The following disclosures are not made with malicious intent. We believe faithful Catholics will have to face some hard truth about the corruption in the Vatican, and figure out a way to continue proclaiming the eternal truths taught by the Church, while cleansing it of bad elements.

LEFT: Annibale Bugnini, a suspected Freemason, was the Cardinal who headed the "Commission for Liturgical Reform" during Vatican II, responsible for "modernizing" the Catholic liturgy. "Annibale" is the Italian version of "Hannibal", a Phoenician name meaning "in the favor of Baal." CENTER:The ancient meaning of the term "Obelisk" was the "male organ of Baal". Obelisks are one of the most iconic symbols of Secret Societies. Catholic apologists claim it was placed in St. Peter's square to honor the martyrs. RIGHT: Fazzini's "Resurrection" is a hideous sculpture in the Paul VI Audience Hall in the Vatican. If you mirror the left side of the sculpture an image of "Baphomet" is visible. The Audience hall itself, from certain angles, appears to resemble the head of a snake.

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