Book and Series Reviews

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In order to help introduce Heritage History books and authors to readers who may be unfamiliar with them, we have created a blog, whose main purpose is to provide a forum for book reviews. Some of our reviews are dedicated to a single book, but in most cases we review more than one book at a time. In some cases, an entire series is reviewed. In other cases, a collection of books that cover the same subject are reviewed together.

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Comparative Reviews

Comparative Reviews consider a number of books by various authors on a major topic.

Review LinkBooks
Ancient History Core
Books assigned as "core" reading for Ancient Greece and Rome are reviewed.
Stories from Greek History, Stories from Roman History, Story of the Greeks, Famous Men of Greece, Greek Gods - Heroes - and Men, Story of Greece, Story of the Greek People, Story of the Romans, Famous Men of Rome, City of the Seven Hills, Story of Rome, Story of the Roman People
British Middle Ages Core
Books assigned as "core" reading for the British Middle Ages Curriculum are reviewed.
Our Island Story, Stories from English History, Cambridge Historical Reader: Primary, Story of the English, Story of England
Children's Bibles
Eight Children's Bibles, ranging in difficulty from 100 to 700 pages, are reviewed.
Story of the Chosen People, When the King Came: Stories from the Four Gospels, Story of the Bible Told for Young and Old, Children's Bible - New Testament, Children's Bible - Old Testament, Stories from the Old Testament Told to the Children, Heroes of Israel, Stories from the Life of Christ Told to the Children, Nursery Book of Bible Stories
Series and Author Reviews

Series Reviews consider Series Reviews consider a collection of books by a single author or publisher that cover a variety of topics, but have similar style and viewpoint.

Review LinkBooks
Du Chaillu's Gorilla Country
Paul Du Chaillu was an early explorer of Central Africa, who wrote children's travel stories when he returned to civilization. This series is one of our All Time Favorites.
My Apingi Kingdom, Country of the Dwarfs, Wild Life Under the Equator, Lost in the Jungle, Stories of the Gorilla Country
Van Bergen's Asian Histories
Robert Van Bergen was an American scholar and teacher who lived in Japan in the late 1890's. His series of Asian histories are exceptionally good.
Boy of Old Japan, Story of China, Story of Japan, Story of Russia
Otis's Colonial Children
These short stories follow the lives of twelve American colonial and pioneer children.
Peter of New Amsterdam, Ruth of Boston, Seth of Colorado, Richard of Jamestown, Hannah of Kentucky, Stephen of Philadelphia, Martha of California, Calvert of Maryland, Benjamin of Ohio, Antoine of Oregon, Mary of Plymouth, Philip of Texas
Baldwin's Famous Stories
These short history readers were extremely popular in American schools from the 1890's to the 1950's.
Fifty Famous Stories Retold, Fifty Famous People, Thirty More Famous Stories Retold
Tappan's Makers of England
Tappan's series features four of the most interesting monarchs of England
In the Days of Queen Victoria, In the Days of Alfred the Great, In the Days of Queen Elizabeth, In the Days of William the Conqueror
Church's Simplified Classics
Church's series of simplified classics is perfect for high school students, who are already familiar with the basics of Ancient history, but are not ready to delve into college level classics
Last Days of Jerusalem: From Josephus, Helmet and Spear, Stories of the East From Herodotus, Stories of the Magicians, Stories from the Greek Comedians, Pictures from Greek Life and Story, Nicias and the Sicilian Expedition, Odyssey for Boys and Girls, Story of the Persian War, Stories from the Greek Tragedians, Aeneid for Boys and Girls, Stories From Livy, Pictures from Roman Life and Story, Stories from Ancient Rome, Stories of Charlemagne and the Twelve Peers of France
Abbott's Makers of History
This series of historical biographies was extremely popular during the late 1800's, and was Abraham Lincoln's favorite historical series. It was a staple of American libraries from the 1850's until the mid 1950's.
Cyrus the Great, Darius the Great, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Pyrrhus, Xerxes, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Hannibal, Nero, Romulus, Alfred the Great, Charles I, Charles II, Queen Elizabeth, Margaret of Anjou, Mary Queen of Scots, Richard I, Richard II, Richard III, William the Conqueror, Henry IV, Louis XIV, Kit Carson, King Philip, Adventures of Chevalier de La Salle, Miles Standish, Peter the Great, Hortense, Joseph Bonaparte, Josephine, Louis Philippe, Madame Roland
Single Topic Reviews

Single Topic Reviews consider only one or two books that cover a specific historical subject or character.

Review LinkBooks
Faerie Queen Stories from the Faerie Queen Told to the Children
French Revolution Stories of the French Revolution
Hernando Cortez Boys' Prescott, Mexico, Hernando Cortes
Ancient Assyria Peeps at Ancient Assyria
Garibaldi Garibaldi and his Red Shirts
South America Stories of South America
American History Stories America First
Pirates and Buccaneers Buccaneers and Pirates of our Coasts, Buccaneers of America
Beowulf Stories of Beowulf Told to the Children
Stories from Shakespeare Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare, Tales from Shakespeare
Barbary Rovers Barbary Rovers: Peeps at History
The Iliad Stories from the Iliad Told to the Children, Iliad for Boys and Girls
Horatio Nelson Story of Nelson
Ferdinand Magellan Ferdinand Magellan, Voyages and Adventures of Magellan
Pilgrim Stories Stories of the Pilgrims
Julius Caesar Julius Caesar, Julius Caesar
WWI Airwar Thrilling Deeds of British Airmen
Isandhlwana/Rorke's Drift Boy's Book of Battles
Charles I Tudors and Stuarts, Charles I, With the King at Oxford
Stephen Decatur Twelve Naval Captains, Boys' Book of Sea Fights
Plutarch's Lives Children's Plutarch: Tales of the Greeks, Children's Plutarch: Tales of the Romans, Plutarch's Lives, Our Young Folks' Plutarch
Battle of the Alamo Boys' Book of Border Battles, Historical Tales: 2—American, Short History of Mexico
Saint Stories God's Troubadour: The Story of St. Francis of Assisi, In God's Garden, Book of Saints and Heroes, Book of Saints and Friendly Beasts
World War I: Verdun Story of the Great War, Boys' Book of Battles, Gallipoli, When the Prussians Came to Poland
Nero Nero, Burning of Rome
Great Inventors Boys' Life of Edison, Four American Inventors, Great Inventors and Their Inventions