Historical Maps for Young Readers

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Maps of America

13 Colonies

European Settlement

Eastern States

Southern States

U. S. Territories

Lewis and Clark

Civil War

Westward Expansion AD

United States

Maps of Europe

Barbarian Invasions 520

Charlemagne, 814

Crusades 1189

Eve of Reformation 1490

30 Years War 1648

Eve of Revolution 1789

Napoleonic Wars 1815

After Great War 1920

Maps of Ancient World

Mainland Greece

City of Athens

Greek City States 600 B.C.

Persian Empire 500 B.C.

Vicinity of Rome


Punic War 218 B.C.

Roman Empire 200 A.D.

Fall of Rome, 520 A.D.

Maps of Biblical places

Divided Kingdom


New Testament

Spread of Christianity