Timelines of Young Readers

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American colonies—1492 to 1883

Voyage of Columbus to Revolutionary War

AD YearEvent
1492 Christopher Columbus discovers America
1492 Ponce de Leon discovers Florida while searching for the fountain of youth.
1607 John Smith helps establish Jamestown, the first British colony in America.
1608 French explorers establish the city of Quebec, the capital of Canada.
1620 The Pilgrims cross the Atlantic in the Mayflower, and arrive in Plymouth Massachusetts
1634 Lord Baltimore sends British colonists settle in Maryland.
1664 The British conquer the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam and turn it into New York.
1677 William Penn establishes a Quaker colony in Pennsylvania.
1732 Oglethorpe settles Georgia, the last of the 13 colonies.
1759 Quebec, the French capital in America, falls to the British.
1773 Boston Tea Party. Patriots protest against the British Tea tax.
1773 American Revolutionary War begins. Midnight ride of Paul Revere and the Battle of Lexington.
1776 Birth of the United States. The Declaration of Independence is signed.

United States—1883 to 1865

Washington President to Civil War

AD YearEvent
1783 States ratify the ConstitutionGeorge Washington elected first President.
1793 Eli Whitney invents the Cotton Gin
1804 Lewis and Clark explore the Louisiana Purchase.
1812-14 War of 1812—first major military conflict since Revolution.
1829 Andrew Jackson, and Indian fighter, becomes first "commoner" president.
1836 Battle of the Alamo, Texas wins its independence from Mexico.
1837 Samuel Morse invents the Telegraph.
1846 Mexican American War, Mexico cedes California, Arizona and New Mexico to U.S.
1849 Gold found in California, Westward expansion begins.
1861-65 American Civil War, Battle of Gettysburg, Emancipation Proclamation.
1869 First Transcontinental Railroad completed
1877 Last Major Indian battle, Chief Joseph surrenders to U.S. army.
1879 Thomas Edison invents the light bulb.
1898-99 Spanish American War—Spain looses Cuba and the Philippines to the U.S.
1917 United States becomes involved in World War I

Old Testament—4000 to 400 B.C.

Garden of Eden to Nehemiah

Dates associated with Old Testament events, especially those before 1000 B.C., are estimates.

BC YearEvent
~5600 Creation, Adam and Eve
~3950 Noah's Flood
~2000 Life of Abraham, Birth of Isaac
~1300 Life of Moses and Exodus from Egypt
~1000 Life of King David
~930 Solomon builds first Temple in Jerusalem. Kingdom is divided shortly afterward.
~587 Nebuchadnezzar conquers Judea, destroys Temple, Babylonian Captivity.
~538 Cyrus the Great conquers Babylon, allows Jews to return to Judah.
~516 Nehemiah rebuilds Jerusalem, begins construction of a New Temple.
~160 Rededication of the Temple during Revolt of the Maccabees (commemmorated by Hanakkah).

New Testament—0 to 100 A.D.

Birth of Jesus to Acts of the Apostles

AD YearEvent
0 Birth of Christ
30-33 Christ's Mission on Earth
33 The Crucifixion and Death of Christ
34-60 St. Paul's Missionary Journeys
50-70 Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are written.
70 Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem
90 St. John writes Revelation, the last of the holy scriptures.

Ancient Greece—Legendary to 300 B.C.

Trojan War to Alexander the Great

BC YearEvent
1000 Homer writes The Iliad, an account of the Trojan War.
700 Laws of Sparta established by Lycurgus.
600 Laws of Athens established by Solon.
490 First Persian War—Battle of Marathon (Greek Victory)
480 Third Persian War—Battles of Thermopylae (Persian victory) and Salamis (Greek Victory)
450 Golden Age of Athens, building of the Parthenon.
430-404 Peloponnesian War—Sparta defeats the Athenian Empire.
401 Retreat of the Ten Thousand Greeks from Persian territory, under Xenophon.
399 Philosopher Socrates is forced to drink hemlock.
371 Epaminondas of Thebes defeats Sparta at the Battle of Leuctra.
334 Alexander the Great leads Macedonian Conquest of Persia.

Ancient Rome—750 B.C. to 450 A.D.

Romulus to Fall of Rome

BC YearEvent
750 Kingdom of Rome is established by Romulus.
510 Roman Republic is founded by Junius Brutus. Tarquin Superbus, the last king of Rome is exiled.
280 Rome defeats Pyrrhus, conquers all of Italy.
202 Hannibal is defeated at Zama, end of Second Punic War.
168 Roman Macedonian Wars—Greece and Macedonia fall to Rome.
146 Carthage and Corinth are destroyed; Rome controls all the Mediterranean.
52 Julius Caesar conquers Gaul.
49 Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon, conquers Rome.
44 Julius Caesar is assassinated.
31 Augustus Caesar gains undisputed control of the Roman Empire.
68 Death of Nero, last of the Caesars.
313 Constantine issues the Edict of Milan—Christianity is recognized by Roman Empire.
410 Rome is sacked by Visigoth army.

Europe—500 to 1800

Baptism of Clovis to French Revolution

AD YearEvent
451 Attila the Hun is defeated at the Battle of Chalons.
476 Collapse of the western Roman Empire.
598 Augustine of Kent converts the Saxons, becomes first Archbishop of Canterbury.
600 Frankish King Clovis converts to Christianity, France becomes Catholic.
732 Moslem invaders from Spain are driven out of France at the Battle of Tours.
800 Charlemagne is crowned first Holy Roman Emperor.
880 Alfred the Great saves Britain from the Danes (Vikings).
1066 Norman Conquest of Britain at Battle of Hastings.
1096 Heroes of the First Crusade capture Jerusalem.
1190 Richard I leads the Third Crusade.
1350 Black Plague
1431 Death of Joan of Arc, end of Hundred Years War.
1453 Fall of Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire.
1492 Christopher Columbus discovers America.
1517 Martin Luther initiates the Protestant Reformation.
1534 Henry VIII marries Anne Boleyn, breaks with Rome.
1650 Peace of Westphalia—end of the Thirty Years War.
1783 Britain loses her colonies in the American Revolutionary War Revolutionary War
1789 Beginning of the French Revolution. King of France is overthrown.
1815 Napoleon is defeated at the Battle of Waterloo

Legends—Legendary to 1400

Beowulf to William Tell

AD YearEvent
300 St. George fights a dragon, then becomes a martyr.
425 Beowulf fights Grendel and returns home to become king.
501 Siegfried fights the Dragon Fafnir and begins his adventures.
520 Rise of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
780 Roland is killed at the Battle of Roncevalles Pass.
1000 Guy of Warwick, after many adventures, marries his lady-love Felice.
1000 El Cid conquers Valencia.
1190 Robin Hood and his Merry Men reside in Sherwood Forest during reign of Richard the Lion-heart.
1330 William Tell shoots an apple off his son's head.