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Link to Heritage History

Heritage History hosts the largest collection of classical children's histories and historical images on the internet. We provide free access to all of our resources for homeschoolers and history lovers everywhere. If you have a blog or a webpage and would like to link to the Heritage History website, we have provided icons and HTML for easy access.

Click on any of the following Heritage History icons to copy them, or use the corresponding html segment to reference an online version. The size of the image in pixels is provided, but they can be scaled as needed.

600 x 100

125 x 125

90 x 90

125 x 50

240 x 80

Who already links to Heritage History?

  • Homeschool bloggers who use our resources or curriculum.
  • General interest bloggers with a passion for history.
  • History websites that reference our images and texts.
  • Foreign language websites who appreciate our broad selection of world history.
  • Editors who use our historical images in their own publications.
  • Teachers who use our resources for their own classroom needs.
  • Small businesses whose "products" are aligned with Heritage resources (educational games, history curriculums, etc.) .

There may be even more reasons to link to Heritage History in the future. We are working to develop an affiliate program for sites that direct traffic to Heritage History. We will also consider cross-linking websites in cases of specific mutual interests (homeschooling, history, etc.). Please contact us if you have any further questions.