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Heritage Favorites

Good children's literature appeals not only to the child in the adult, but to the adult in the child.

With a library of over 500 volumes, representing over 100 authors, our family has many favorites. We have, in fact, several different types of favorite books—some are serious histories, others are particularly engrossing biographies, and others are just fun. All of the books included in the Heritage History Library are high quality, enjoyable histories, but we think that some of the books identified in the following lists are especially worthy of note.

Andrew Lang

Notable Authors

This is a list of some of the most prolific and engaging authors on the Heritage History website. Many of them are associate with a favorite series but others wrote on a variety of topics. We hope that all of the authors listed here are rediscovered by a new generation of history lovers. They are exceptional scholars, talented writers, and the "permanent faculty" of the Heritage History website and curriculum.

Favorite Series

Many of our favorite books are part of a series. One of the benefits of history books that are developed as part of a series is that, if a student enjoys one, he will likely enjoy other books from the same series. Some series focus on a single civilization, such as "American Pioneers", or "Spanish Explorers", but many others cover a broad range of cultures. Introducing new civilizations through a well-known series is an effective way to encourage students to explore unfamiliar cultures.

Joan of Arc

Outstanding Books

This is a list of some of our favorite books that are not part of larger series. It is an eclectic bunch, containing, legends, biographies, adventure stories, and pirate tales, perfect for those who prefer a random walk through history. Books appropriate for various reading abilities are given, but those recommended for younger students will delight readers of all ages.

Introductory Histories

All the books included in this list are introductory comprehensive histories. They are organized according to the civilizations into which Heritage History books are categorized. Each provides an engaging overview of its subject civilization, appropriate for readers who are completely unfamiliar with the historical era. Most are accessible to elementary and middle school students, but are likely to hold the interest of readers of any ages.

Young Reader Favorites

Most of the books we most strongly recommend for young readers—fourth through sixth grade—are included in our Young Readers Compact Library. The collection contains legends, bible stories, simple biographies, hero stories, historical fiction, and short stories from history. This collection does not feature comprehensive histories, but focuses instead on short historical stories of particular interest to young students that can be read in any order.



These books are of particular interest to adventure-loving boys. They are excellent selections for young people who enjoy fast-paced, action-filled stories, and are the best candidates available for trying to lure adrenaline-addled young men away from their video games.

Boy Verse

The notable quality about this selection of poems and recitations for boys is that they were selected by authentic boys, rather than by adults who tried to anticipate what boys would like. Many of these poems have a historical angle to them; others are just for fun. Girls, as well as boys will love most of these poems, but they are all likely to appeal to the masculine love of humor, irony and epic valor.