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European History

Middle Ages

Story of the Middle Ages by Samuel B.  Harding
Story of Europe by H. E.  Marshall
Discovery of New Worlds by M. B.  Synge
Awakening of Europe by M. B.  Synge
Struggle for Sea Power by M. B.  Synge
When Knights were Bold by Eva March  Tappan
Brave Men and Brave Deeds by M. B.  Synge
Patriots and Tyrants by Marion Florence  Lansing
Barbarian and Noble by Marion Florence  Lansing
Old Time Tales by Lawton B.  Evans
Charlemagne by George Putnam Upton
Barbarossa by George Putnam Upton
Herman and Thusnelda by George Putnam Upton

France and Netherlands

Story of France by Mary  Macgregor
Netherlands by Mary  Macgregor
Story of Old France by Helene A.  Guerber
Historical Tales: 6— French by Charles  Morris
Story of Joan of Arc by Andrew  Lang
Story of Napoleon by H. E.  Marshall
Stories from French History by Lena Dalkeith
France: Peeps at History by John  Finnemore
Story of Joan of Arc by Andrew  Lang
Story of Napoleon by H. E.  Marshall
Hortense by John S. C. Abbott
Louis XIV by John S. C. Abbott
William of Orange by George Putnam Upton
Little Dauphin by George Putnam Upton
Eugenie - Empress of the French by George Putnam Upton
Maximilian in Mexico by George Putnam Upton
Life of St. Vincent de Paul by F. A. Forbes

Germany and Italy

History of Germany by H. E.  Marshall
Stories from German History by Florence Aston
Historical Tales: 5—German by Charles  Morris
God's Troubadour: The Story of St. Francis of Assisi by Sophie  Jewett
Legends and Stories of Italy by Amy  Steedman
Germany: Peeps at History by John  Finnemore
History of Prussia by John S. C. Abbott
Our Little Florentine Cousin of Long Ago by Clara Vostrovsky Winlow
Swiss Heroes by George Putnam Upton
Elizabeth - Empress of Austria by George Putnam Upton
Louise - Queen of Prussia by George Putnam Upton
Prince Eugene by George Putnam Upton
Emperor William First by George Putnam Upton
Frederick the Great by George Putnam Upton
Youth of the Great Elector by George Putnam Upton
Bismarck and the Foundation of the German Empire by James Headlam

Collective Biographies

Famous Men of the Middle Ages by John H.  Haaren
Famous Men of Modern Times by John H.  Haaren
European Hero Stories by Eva March  Tappan


Legends of the Middle Ages by Helene A.  Guerber
Page—Esquire—Knight by Marion Florence  Lansing
Book of Legends by Horace Elisha  Scudder
Stories of William Tell Told to the Children by H. E.  Marshall
Legends and Stories of Italy by Amy  Steedman
William Tell by George Putnam Upton

Fairy Tales

Blue Fairy Book by Andrew  Lang
Red Fairy Book by Andrew  Lang
Dutch Fairy Tales by William E.  Griffis

Historical Fiction

Otto of the Silver Hand by Howard  Pyle
Dutch Twins by Lucy Fitch  Perkins
French Twins by Lucy Fitch  Perkins
Belgian Twins by Lucy Fitch  Perkins
Swiss Twins by Lucy Fitch  Perkins
Gabriel and the Hour Book by Evaleen  Stein
Our Little Crusader Cousin of Long Ago by Evaleen  Stein

Adapted Literature

 by C. E. Smith
Stories from Dante Told to the Children by Mary  Macgregor

Humorous History

Adventures of Baron Munchausen by Rudolph Raspe