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Christian History

Bible Stories

Christ Legends by Selma  Lagerlof
Nursery Book of Bible Stories by Amy  Steedman
Story of the Bible Told for Young and Old by Jesse Lyman  Hurlbut
Stories from the Life of Christ Told to the Children by Janet H.  Kelman
Stories from the Old Testament Told to the Children by Louey Chisholm
Heroes of Israel by Lawton B.  Evans

Saints and Christian Heroes

Book of Saints and Friendly Beasts by Abbie Farwell  Brown
Stories of the Saints by Jennie  Hall
Saints and Heroes to the End of the Middle Ages by George  Hodges
Saints and Heroes Since the Middle Ages by George  Hodges
 by Mrs.  Lang
In God's Garden by Amy  Steedman
Legends and Stories of Italy by Amy  Steedman
Our Island Saints by Amy  Steedman
Child's Book of Saints by William  Canton
Child's Book of Warriors by William  Canton
Saint Christopher and Saint Cuthbert by Mary  Macgregor
Roses of Martyrdom by Clarice M. Cresswell Cresswell
Stories of Saints and Martyrs by Jetta Wolff

Christian History

Early Church: from Ignatius to Augustine by George  Hodges
Christian Persecutions by Asa Craig
Eighteen Christian Centuries by James  White
History of the Church: Christian Antiquity by Sisters of Notre Dame
History of the Church: Early Middle Ages by Sisters of Notre Dame
History of the Church: Later Middle Ages by Sisters of Notre Dame
History of the Church: Early Modern Times by Sisters of Notre Dame
History of the Church: Later Modern Times by Sisters of Notre Dame


Story of Joan of Arc by Andrew  Lang
Saint Ignatius of Loyola by John Hungerford Pollen
God's Troubadour: The Story of St. Francis of Assisi by Sophie  Jewett
Isaac Jogues: Missionary and Martyr by Martin Jerome Scott
Saint Gregory the Great by Sisters of Notre Dame
Martin Luther—the Story of his Life by Elsie  Singmaster
Life of St. Vincent de Paul by F. A. Forbes
Life of St. Teresa by F. A. Forbes
Life of St. Benedict by F. A. Forbes
Life of St. Ignatius of Loyola by F. A. Forbes
Life of Pius X by F. A. Forbes

Historical Fiction

To the Lions by Alfred J.  Church
Hammer by Alfred J.  Church

Biblical Geography

Holy Land in Geography by Townsend MacCoun
Bible Atlas by Jesse Lyman  Hurlbut


Crusaders by Alfred J.  Church
Stories from the Crusades by Janet H.  Kelman
Story of the Crusades by E. M.  Wilmot-Buxton