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Asian History

Japanese History

Story of Japan by Robert  Van Bergen
Boy of Old Japan by Robert  Van Bergen
Historical Tales: 12—Japanese and Chinese by Charles  Morris
Child Life in Japan by William E.  Griffis
Japan: Peeps at History by John  Finnemore

Chinese History

Story of China by Robert  Van Bergen
Historical Tales: 12—Japanese and Chinese by Charles  Morris
China's Story by William E.  Griffis
Story of General Gordon by Jeanie  Lang
Travels and Adventures of Marco Polo by George M. Towle

Indian History

India: Peeps at History by Beatrice  Home
India by Victor  Surridge
Our Empire Story by H. E.  Marshall
Adventures of Akbar by Flora Annie  Steel


Story of General Gordon by Jeanie  Lang
Genghis Khan by Jacob  Abbott
Story of the Buddha by Edith Holland

Legends and Fairy Tales

Jataka Tales by Ellen C.  Babbitt
More Jataka Tales by Ellen C.  Babbitt
Indian Fables by P. V.  Ramaswami Raju
Eastern Stories and Legends by Marie L.  Shedlock
Tales of the Punjab by Flora Annie  Steel
Indian Folk and Fairy Tales by Joseph  Jacobs
Fairy Tales of Old Japan by William E.  Griffis


Jungle Book by Rudyard  Kipling
Japanese Twins by Lucy Fitch  Perkins