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African History

Comprehensive History

South Africa by Ian D.  Colvin
Land of the Golden Trade by John  Lang
Oom Paul's People by Howard C.  Hillegas
Our Empire Story by H. E.  Marshall

Military History

With the Boer Forces by Howard C.  Hillegas

Social History

Stories of the Gorilla Country by Paul  du Chaillu
Wild Life Under the Equator by Paul  du Chaillu
Lost in the Jungle by Paul  du Chaillu
My Apingi Kingdom by Paul  du Chaillu
Country of the Dwarfs by Paul  du Chaillu


Cecil Rhodes by Ian D.  Colvin
Story of David Livingstone by Vautier  Golding
Story of H. M. Stanley by Vautier  Golding
Story of General Gordon by Jeanie  Lang
With Stanley on the Congo by M. Douglas

Folk and Fairy Tales

West African Folk-Tales by William H.  Barker
Native Fairy Tales of South Africa by Ethel L. McPherson


Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice  Burroughs
Return of Tarzan by Edgar Rice  Burroughs
Jungle Tales of Tarzan by Edgar Rice  Burroughs