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Tarquin Superbus

also known asCivilization:Roman: Rome

Lucius Tarquinius Superbus (the Proud)

Era: Kingdom
fl. 535 BCField of Renown:monarch: King
Tarquin Superbus
 She carried in her arms nine books.

Tarquin Superbus was the seventh and last king of Rome. He gained the throne by the murder of his father-in-law, Servius Tullius. He then proceeded to consolidate power by murdering or exiling his enemies in the senate, and repealing the reforms of his predecessor. It was during his reign that the famous Sibylline books were given to him by a prophetess from Cumae. Tarquin Superbus made many enemies, and when his evil son Sextus violated Lucretia, he and his family were driven from the city. They continued to make trouble for Rome for many more years, by raising armies to try to regain their throne, until finally Sextus was killed at the Battle of Regillus.

Key events during the life of Tarquin Superbus

Year Event
535 BC Ascended to throne after murdering Servius.
  Obtained Sibylline Books.
  War with Volscians; besieged city of Gabii.
  Built Temple of Jupiter on Capitoline Hill.
510 BC Exiled with his entire family from Rome.
509 BC Raised Etruscan army to restore him to the throne.
496 BC Sextus killed in Battle of Regillus—Tarquin retires to Cumae.


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She carried in her arms nine books.  in Story of Rome

Contemporary Short Biography
Tullia Helped her husband Tarquin Superbus murder her father Sevius Tullus, and seize the throne of Rome.
Cumaean Sibyl Legendary priestes who presided over the Oracle at Cumae. Presented the Sibylline Books to Tarquin Superbus.
Sextus Tarquin Evil son of Tarquin Superbus.
Junius Brutus First Consul of Rome; executed sons for plotting against the republic.
Lars Porsena Etruscan king, and supporter of the Tarquins who raised an army to march against Rome.