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Madeline de Vercheres

Civilization:European: French-Canadian
Era: Rise of France
1678–1747Field of Renown:heroine: Patriot
Madeline de Vercheres
 She was as fleet-footed as a deer.

Madeline de Vercheres is a minor character in history but an important one all the same. At the young age of fourteen, she managed to frighten off an attacking army of Iroquois Indians and, by doing so, preserved her family and her home.

Madeline was born in Ft. Vercheres, a small settlement located in modern-day Quebec. As a child, her home was attacked repeatedly by the Iroquois Indian tribe, who were upset by a French alliance with the Algonquians that obliterated their fur trade profits. During their first attack on the fort, Madeline’s mother stood against them with only four men to assist her, and her bravery greatly inspired her daughter. Madeline’s own victory came two years later, when, left to care for her family while her parents were gathering winter supplies, she spotted a horde of Indians descending on the fort. She began firing muskets and cannons, encouraging the people to make noise and give the impression that the settlement was well-guarded. Her courage and quick-thinking saved the French colonizers in America.

Key events during the life of Madeline de Vercheres

Year Event
1678 Born in Vercheres, a settlement in Canada
1690 Iroquois Indians attacked Ft. Vercheres but were not successful
1691 Iroquois mounted new attacks on New France
1692 Madeline saved Vercheres from a surprise Indian attack
1700 Her father died
1706 Married Pierre Thomas le Tarieu
1747 Died


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