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also known asCivilization:Roman: Rome

Lucius Quinctius

Era: Early Republic
519–439 BCField of Renown:military: Dictator

 "Put on thy robe and hear the words of the people."

Cincinnatus is famous for returning to his farm after sixteen glorious days as a dictator. He was a former consul who had retired to his farm, when the Roman Senate, with great ceremony, offered him the dictatorship because the Roman army had become trapped while fighting the ∆quians. Cincinnatus quickly raised an army, marched on the enemy, and rescued the trapped Consulís army in a single day. After a week of celebrations in Rome, he returned to his farm, and picked up his plow where he had left it.

Cincinnatus was recalled out of retirement many years later to put down a plebeian revolt.

Key events during the life of cincinnatus

Year Event
460 BC Elected Consul.
458 BC Offered Dictatorship to save army stuck in a trap.
439 BC Second Dictatorship, revolt of plebeians.


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Contemporary Short Biography
Minucius Consul whose army was trapped by the Aequians.
Gracchus Cloelius Leader of Aequian army
Maelius Rich plebeian who gave money to poor, killed by jealous senate.