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Historical Character Directory

Search for Historical Characters by selecting a Civilization: and then a Sorting Method (below). Characters can be searched for alphabetically by Name, chronologically by Date, or by Occupation, but only one sorting method is active at a time. Female and Legendary characters can also be listed.


Greek Characters Listed by Name

Achilles fl. 1200 BC Demigod Greatest Warrior on the Greek side in the Trojan War. Invincible except for his heel.
Aeneas fl. 1200 BC Demigod Hero of Virgil's Aeneid. Prince of Troy who escaped from the burning city and after a long voyage, settled in Italy and became the ancestor of Romulus.
Aeschylus 525–456 BC Playwright First of the three great Greek Tragedians. Wrote plays including the tragedies of Oedipus and Antigone.
Aesop fl. 550 BC Author Famous Greek Fablist, alledgedly lived at the court of Croesus in Lydia.
Agamemnon fl. 1200 BC King Leader of Greeks in the Trojan War. Killed by his wife upon his return home.
Agesilaus 444–360 BC King Leader of Sparta after the Peloponnesian War. Campaigned in Asia Minor and warred with Thebes.
Agis II died 401 BC Genaral King of Sparta during the later years of the Peloponnesian War.
Agis III died 331 BC King Led a rebellion against the Macedonians in the Peloponeses. Killed at the Battle of Megalopolis.
Agis IV died 241 BC KIng King who tried to reform Sparta and return to laws of Lycurgus. Killed for his efforts.
Alcibiades 450–404 BC Traitor Controversial statesman and general of Athens, who betrayed the city, then returned as hero.
Alexander the Great 356–323 BC King Greatest general of ancient times. Conquered Persian Empire with 40,000 soldiers.
Amasis II died 525 BC King Second to last king of Egypt, died before Egypt was overrun by Cambyses.
Anaxagoras 500–428 BC Philosopher First Great Philosopher of Athens, thought to be a teacher of Socrates.
Antigone fl. 2000 BC Maiden Daughter of Oedipus, king of Thebes. Cares for him when he is exiled.
Antigonus I 382–301 BC General Allied with Antipater and Ptolemy I in early Diadochi Wars. Won control of Asia Minor and Syria.
Antigonus II 320–239 BC King Son of Demetrius. After many battles, ended with control of Macedon and established Antigonid Dynasty.
Antiochus III 241–187 BC King King of Syria who warred with Rome in Thrace and Asia Minor.
Antiochus V Eupator died 162 BC King King of Syria who tried to Hellenize the Jews. Instigated the Rebellion of the Maccabees.
Antipater died 319 BC General One of Philip's most trusted generals. Left in charge of Macedonia during Alexander's conquests.
Aratus died 213 BC General Leader of Achaean League; First resisted Macedonia, then forced an alliance to defeat Sparta.
Archidamus 476–427 BC King Spartan King during the early years of Peloponnesian War. Sought peace with Athens, but was forced into the war.
Archimedes 287–212 BC Physics Eminent scientist and inventor. Held off Roman siege of Syracuse with clever defenses.
Aristagoras fl. 494 BC Minister Son-in-law of Histiaeus. Led Rebellion of Greek Colonies in Asia Minor.
Aristides died 468 BC Archon Athenian General and Statesman. Fought at Marathon, Salamis; created Delian League.
Aristomenes died 631 BC General Bravely defended Messenians from Spartan conquest, for 17 years.
Aristophanes 448–388 BC Playwright Greatest of Greek Comedian playwrights. Wrote Frogs, Clouds, Peace, Birds, and many others.
Aristotle 384–322 BC Philosopher Renowned scientist and philosopher. Cataloged all types of knowledge. Tutor to Alexander the Great.
Artabanus fl. 480 BC Minister Brother of Darius. Close advisor to Darius and Xerxes.
Artaphernes fl. 500 BC Satrap Brother of Darius, Satrap of Lydia during Ionian Rebellion. Lead Persian forces at Marathon.
Artaxerxes I died 424 BC King King of Persia during early part of Peloponnesian War, allied with Sparta
Artaxerxes Mnemon died 358 BC King King of Persia during the retreat of the Ten Thousand.
Artemisia fl. 480 BC Queen Queen of Halicarnassas and Cos. One of Xerxes most trusted advisors and Generals.
Aspasia fl. 450 BC Courtesan Foreign born courtesan, and wife of Pericles. Highly educated for a woman of her age.
Astyages died 550 BC King King of Medes, who was overthrown by his grandson Cyrus the Great.
Atossa fl. 521 BC Queen Consort Daughter of Cyrus the Great, wife of Darius, mother of Xerxes