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War and Battle Directory

Details of over 2000 historical battles are included in the Heritage Battle Directory. War and Battle information is interlinked and can be search alphabetically or by date. Begin your search by selecting a Civilization: and indicating whether you'd like to see battle information displayed in Detail or in Brief: Date and Name indicators are only provided for Battle searches, since there are many more battles than wars.


Greek Wars Listed Alphabetically

Years War Outcome
226 BC–146 BC Wars of the Achaean League Last independent coalition of Greeks fights domination by Sparta, Macedonia and Rome
401 BC–399 BC Retreat of the Ten Thousand Ten thousand Greek mercenaries retreat through Persia after Battle of Cunaxa.
357 BC–356 BC Athenian Social War Rebellion of its colonies disrupts an Athenian effort to rebuild its empire.
373 BC–362 BC Boeotian Wars Successful Theban rebellion against Spartan Hegemony
395 BC–394 BC Corinthian War Rebellion of Corinth and Thebes against Spartan Hegemony
321 BC–280 BC Wars of the Diadochi Wars of Alexander's successors for control of Macedonian Empire
499 BC–450 BC Greco Persian Wars Greeks repel Persia's invasion of Greece and win freedom for Ionian colonies.
338 BC–331 BC Lucanian War Greek colonies in southern Italy resist the Italic Lucanians
338 BC–322 BC Greek Rebellions Against Macedonia Macedonian conquest of Greece and subsequent revolts against Macedonian rule.
334 BC–327 BC Macedonian Conquest of Persia Alexander the Great's wars of conquest in Persia
459 BC–404 BC Peloponnesian War Civil war in Greece between the allies of Sparta and Athens
547 BC–512 BC Persian Wars of Conquest Wars of Cyrus the Great and Cambyses which created the Persian Empire
282 BC–275 BC Pyrrhic Wars in Italy The Greek colonies in southern Italy resist Roman domination.
198 BC–168 BC Roman Macedonian Wars Roman conquest of Greece and Macedonia
355 BC–352 BC Sacred War Greek rebels seize the temple at Delphi and stir up a war with Philip of Macedon.
492 BC–340 BC Sicilian Wars Greek Sicilians repel Carthaginian invasions and win their independence.
743 BC–471 BC Rise of Sparta Wars of Sparta with Messenia, Argos, and Arcadia for domination of the Peloponnese.
244 BC–198 BC Syrian Wars Wars for Control of Syria between Seleucid and Ptolemy Empires.
1010 BC–1000 BC Trojan War Legendary war between the Mycenaean Greeks and Trojans.