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Homeschool History Curriculum

Heritage History promotes traditional narrative history. Our online library contains biographies, legends, adapted literature, and introductory histories. All were written for the general reader and are easy and enjoyable to read.

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The complete text and illustrations of over 400 classical narrative histories are available to view online. Our books can also be downloaded to any e-Reader or Tablet, for one low price.

View Introduction

If you're new to Heritage History, this video introduction is a great way to get acquainted with our classical history library, curriculum, and teaching philosophy.

Study History

The Heritage Classical Curriculum is a "living books" based introduction to Western Civilization, with selections suitable for all ages. In addition to a library of e-Books, the curriculum includes timelines, historical maps, reading recommendations, and much more.

About Us

If you would like to read more about Heritage History, its mission, teaching philosophy, and products, visit our Introduction and FAQ pages. You can also checkout the Heritage Blog where we post book reviews, introduce our favorite authors, and announce newly released books, sales, conferences, etc.

Maps and Illustrations


Characters and Conflicts

The Heritage library includes thousands of high quality historical illustrations, sorted by character, civilization, and subject matter, as well as hundreds of historical maps derived from classical historical atlases.

Short biographies of historical characters from all civilizations are searchable by name, date, and occupation. Our battle dictionary contains details of over 2000 important battles, all based on classical sources.