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Example of a printed and bonded book.  Heritage History books in PDF form make it easy to print and bond your own books!

All of the books in the Heritage Online Library are available as downloadable e-books. When you purchase an e-book, either individually or as part of a library, you receive access to three copies of the same book: one PDF optimized for printing, and two e-book versions (EPUB and MOBI) that can be read on any brand of e-reader or tablet. This flexibility allows you change or upgrade your e-reader technology at any time, or to print sections of each book as desired.

Each book in our collection has been carefully translated into electronic form. Irregular portions including pictures, captions, verses, and tables have been meticulously reformatted so that reading our e-books will be just as enjoyable as reading the original version. A sample e-book is available here for those who would like to inspect them for quality.

Each e-book can be read on any laptop or tablet and copies can be saved on your home computer so they can never be lost or destroyed. Instructions for downloading EPUB and MOBI files from your computer to your e-reader and more information about using e-books can be found in our the Heritage Electronic Text User Guide.

E-books can be purchased individually, but they can also be accessed as part of a library. Customers who purchase our Heritage Classical Curriculum CDs or enroll in a Heritage Academy Course are allowed to access fifty to eighty e-books for only pennies per book. Customers who would like to access all the books in our entire library, however, should purchase a Heritage History Library pass.

Heritage History Library Pass
Library Pass
Allows students to download e-books and printable versions of every book on the Heritage History website. EPUB and MOBI e-books can be read on any e-reader or tablet and PDFs are attractively formatted for those who prefer a printed copy.
Library passes are good for three years, and provide access to over 500 e-books.


Registration and Conditions of Use

In order to purchase a Library Pass, you must Register for a Heritage History account and Login Once you have purchased a library pass you may download books from the My Library page, or from the Heritage Academy View Library page, but you may not share your password or allow anyone outside your family to download books from your account.

A Library pass is good for three years and there are no restrictions on the number of e-books you can download. However, downloading the same file from many different IP addresses may be flagged as file-sharing.

Complete List of Available E-books

The complete Heritage History library includes over 500 classical histories. Most of these books focus on a single historical topic so they have been organized into one of ten major historical divisions. Curriculum CDs and Academy Courses are available for most of these periods and we expect to have courses for all ten completed by 2016. Click ▼ to see the complete book list for each division.

Ancient Greece Classical Library Book Summaries
Greek history from the earliest days of myth and legend, through the Golden age of Athens to the Greco-Roman Era. Younger students will enjoy the selection of Greek myths and folklore, and older students will have access to an excellent selection of simplified classics based on the works of renowned poets, historians and playwrights.     Curriculum CD     Academy Course

Ancient Rome Classical Library Book Summaries
Romantic stories for students of all abilities, from legends of early Roman heroes that fascinate youngsters to stories of political turmoil in the imperial era that provide food for thought to older students. Stories from Gothic, Carthaginian, and Byzantine history are also included.     Curriculum CD     Academy Course

British Middle Ages Classical Library Book Summaries
History of the British Isles from the 5th through 17th centuries. Topics include barbarian invasions, Christian conversion, feudalism, mediaeval war-craft, church-state conflicts, and the Reformation, all covered with a special focus on English, Scottish, and Irish history. An exceptional collection of simplified literature classics is also included.     Curriculum CD     Academy Course

British Empire Classical Library Book Summaries
Rise of the British Empire under Hanoverian and Victorian governments and the influence of Britain in shaping the modern world. The collection features regional histories of Canada, Australia, India, Colonial Africa, and includes a sections on the history of Science and Invention and the Great War.     Curriculum CD     Academy Course

Early America Classical Library Book Summaries
American history from the voyage of Columbus to the early 20th century. Most of the readings take a narrative approach to history and do not cover politics or civics in a detailed manner. The emphasis instead is on stories about explorers, settlers, inventors, soldiers, businessmen, writers, presidents, abolitionists, missionaries, and Indian heroes.     Library CD     Academy Course

Christian Europe Classical Library Book Summaries
The medieval and reformation eras of European history, from the fifth to the seventeenth centuries. Topics include Christian conversion, feudalism, church-state conflicts, the crusades, and wars of religion. Includes books that emphasize the cultural, religious and artistic aspects of European civilization, as well as political developments.     Library CD    

Modern Europe Classical Library Book Summaries
European history from the 18th century Enlightenment through the early 20th century wars, with special emphasis on the French Revolution, the rise of Prussia and Germany, Imperial Russia, and the unification of Italy. Selected works from the early Soviet period in Russia and First World War are also included.     Library CD     Academy Course

Spanish Empire Classical Library Book Summaries
Fascinating stories from the age of Exploration, the histories of Spain and Portugal, and revolutionary era of Mexico and South America. In depth biographies of early explorers and adventurers in the New World are highlights of this collection. Visigoths, Moors, Christian Spain, Exploration, Mexico, Latin America, Aztecs (2015)     Library CD     Academy Course

Biblical Kingdoms Classical Library Book Summaries
Dozens of children's Bibles, including both Old and New Testaments. The histories of Biblical civilizations such as Egypt, Assyria, Babylon are given, and more recent histories of the Jewish people are also included.        

Eastern Empires Classical Library Book Summaries
Histories and stories related to Asian and non-western cultures. The histories of Japan, China and India are given, as well as stories of the Mongol Empire, the Early Islamic Caliphates, and the Ottoman Empire.        

Young Readers Classical Library Book Summaries
The Young Readers collection is the introductory unit of the Heritage Classical Curriculum. It includes short, easy-to-read selections from many historical periods and provides a broad introduction to Western Culture suitable for grammar school age students. Specially featured are short stories from American, European, Ancient, and Biblical history.     Curriculum CD     Academy Course

Independent Study Classical Library Book Summaries
This collection includes books that feature selections from many different world civilizations so they cannot be easily assigned to one historical period. Most are of interest no matter what civilization one is studying so they are available to all registered students.         Academy Course

Note: The Young Readers and Independent Study collections listed above are special purposes libraries that include books from all of world history, so they are not considered as key historical divisions.