Book Sets and Series

Most of the books in the Heritage History collection are associated with a
series, either by a single author, or by a group of authors. Link Color indicates reading level:
GREEN for Elementary readers, BROWN for Middle School students and RED for Young Adults.
Students who enjoy one book in a series will frequently enjoy other similar books.


Told to the Children by various authors Legends & Classics  
Children's Heroes by various authors Biographies  
American History Stories by Mara Pratt American History  
Famous Men of the Ages by John Haaren Biographies  
Wonderbook of Greek Myths by Nathaniel Hawthorne Mythology  
Little Cousins of Long Ago by various authors Fiction  
Famous Stories Retold by James Baldwin Short Stories review
Colonial Children by James Otis (Kaler) Fiction review
Stories from History by various authors Short Stories  
Twins of the World by Lucy Fitch Perkins Fiction  
Jataka Tales by Ellen C. Babbitt Mythology  
Four Great Americans by various authors Biographies  


Stories of the Gorilla Country by Paul du Chaillu African Travel review
The Story of the World by M. B. Synge World History  
Marshall British Histories by H. E. Marshall British History review
Macgregor World Histories by Mary Macgregor Ancient History review
Homer for Boys and Girls by Alfred J. Church Classics review
Van Bergen Asian Histories by Robert Van Bergen Asian History review
Guerber Elementary Histories by Helene Guerber World History review
Stories from English History by Alfred J. Church British History  
Sabin Trail Blazers by Edwin Sabin Historical Fiction  
Boys Frontier Battles by Edwin Sabin Military History  
Abridged Plutarch by various authors Classics  
Makers of England by Eva March Tappan British History review
Peeps at History by various authors World History  
Saints and Heroes by George Hodges Christian Heroes  
Mediaeval Builders by M. Florence Lancing Middle Ages  
Lake History Series by Samuel B. Harding World History review
Tappan World Heroes by Eva March Tappan Biographies  
Great War Hero Stories by various authors Military History review
Historic Boys and Girls by E. S. Brooks Biographies  
Heroes of All Time by various authors Biographies  
Lives of the Saints by F. A. Forbes Christian Heroes  
Life Stories for Young People by (translated) George Upton Biographies  
Young American Heroes by by James Barnes Biographies  
Leading Events: Church History by by Sisters of Notre Dame Christian History  
Boys and Girls from History by by Kate Dickinson Sweetser Biographies  


Historical Tales by Charles Morris Historical Tales  
Maker's of History by Jacob and John S. C. Abbott Biography review
Heroes of American Exploration by Frederick A. Ober Biography  
Church's Simplified Classics by Alfred J. Church Classics review
Great Men and Famous Women by (edited) Charles Horne Biographiess  
Story of the Greatest Nations by (edited) Charles Horne World History  
Romance of Empire by (edited) John Lang British History  
Church Historical Fiction by Alfred J. Church Historical Fiction  
Nisbet Self-Help History by (edited) J. Ewing British History  
Canton Saints and Warriors by William Canton Christian Heroes  
Lives and Stories of the Ancients by Alfred J. Church Historical Tales  
Rulers of India by (edited) Oxford University Biographiess