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Historical Characters of Ancient Rome

    Kingdom of Rome     Early Republic     Punic Wars     Decline of Republic     Age of the Caesars     Height of Empire     Fall of Empire     Rise of Christianity

Kingdom of Rome—753 to 510 B.C.

Founding of Rome to Exile of Tarquins

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Early Republic—510 to 275 B.C.

Defeat of Tarquin Superbus to Unification of Italy

CharacterDate Short Biography

Early Heroes

Menenius~ 503 BC Roman noble who negotiated with the plebeians after their walk-out during a war.
Coriolanus500–450 BC Hero, provoked to turn traitor. Convinced by his mother to spare Rome from destruction.
Cincinnatus 519–439 BC Called to be dictator when Roman army was trapped. Saved them, and then returned to his farm.
Fabii~ 480 BC Fabian brothers build a camp on the Cremona to defend Rome from Veii. They were ambushed and slain.
Appius Claudiusd. 452 BC Evil law giver who usurped power, then attempted to enslave Virginia.
Virginiad. 451 BC Heroine slain by her father to rescue her from slavery and dishonor.

Gallic Invasion

Camillus446–365 BC Great military leader; conquered Veii, saved Rome from Gauls, organized legions.
Marcus Manliusd. 384 BC Defended the capitol from the Gauls.
Brennusd. 390 BC Leader of the Gauls who sacked Rome in 390 B.C.
Marcus Curtiusd. 362 BC Rode horse into a large chasm in Roman market-place.
Valerius Corvus370–270 BC Defeated a gigantic Gaul in one-on-one combat; lived to be 100.

Samnite Wars

Decius Musd. 340 BC Sacrificed self in war against the Latins.
Manlius Torquatusd. 384 BC Consul who slew his son for a minor disobedience.
Caius Pontius~ 321 BC Samnite general who captured the Romans at Caudium Pass.
Fabius Rullianusd. 291 BC Hero of the Battle of Sentinum, against the Gauls and Samnites.

Pyrrhic Wars

Appius Claudius340–273 BC Built first auqeduct, public buildings, and "Appian Way", the great Roman road to Capua.
Fabricius~ 284 BC Incorruptible Roman ambassador who negotiated with Pyrrhus. Emblem of Roman Republican virtue.
Pyrrhus318–272 BC Renowned general, won victories in Macedon, Italy, and Greece, but failed to follow up wins.

Punic Wars—274 to 146 B.C.

First Punic War to Destruction of Carthage

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Decline of Republic—146 to 60 B.C.

Age of Gracchi to Pompey Defeats Pirates

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Age of the Caesars—60 B. C. to 14 A.D.

First Triumvirate to Death of Augustus

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Height of Empire—14 to 235 A.D.

Reign of Tiberius to Last Severan Emperor

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Fall of Empire—235 to 565 A.D.

Military Anarchy to Reign of Justinian I

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Rise of Christianity—50 to 600 A.D.

Death of Apostles to Gregory the Great

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