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This elementary history of Rome presents short stories of the great heroes, mythical and historical, from Aeneas and the founding of Rome to the fall of the western empire. Around the famous characters of Rome are graphically grouped the great events with which their names will forever stand connected. Vivid descriptions bring to life the events narrated, making history attractive to the young, and awakening their enthusiasm for further reading and study.

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Christian Europe — Library

   Stories from French History by Lena Dalkeith
   Old Time Tales by Lawton Evans
   Famous Men of the Middle Ages by John Haaren
   Viking Tales by Jennie Hall
   God's Troubadour by Sophie Jewett
   Our Little Viking Cousin by C. H. Johnston
   Stories from the Crusades by Janet Kelman
   The Story of Joan of Arc by Andrew Lang
   Page - Esquire - Knight by Marion Lansing
   Stories of Siegfried by Mary Macgregor
   Stories of the Vikings by Mary Macgregor
   Stories from Dante by Mary Macgregor
   Stories of William Tell by H. E. Marshall
   Stories of Roland by H. E. Marshall
   Dutch Twins by Lucy F. Perkins
   Swiss Twins by Lucy F. Perkins
   Otto of the Silver Hand by Howard Pyle
   Legends of Italy by Amy Steedman
   Gabriel and the Hour Book by Evaleen Stein
   Our Little Crusader Cousin by Evaleen Stein
   Our Little Norman Cousin by Evaleen Stein
   Our Little Florentine Cousin by C. V. Winlow
   Stories from German History by Florence Aston
   The Story of Roland by James Baldwin
   The Sampo by James Baldwin
   The Story of Siegfried by James Baldwin
   In the Days of Giants by Abbie F. Brown
   The Story of Liberty by Charles Coffin
   Children of Odin by Padraic Colum
   Stories from Dante by S. Cunnington
   Barbary Rovers by John Finnemore
   Peeps at History - France by John Finnemore
   Peeps at History - Germany by John Finnemore
   Life of Vincent de Paul by F. A. Forbes
   Life of Benedict by F. A. Forbes
   Rolf and the Viking's Bow by Allen French
   The Story of Old France by Helene Guerber
   Stories of the Saints by Grace Hall
   The Story of the Middle Ages by S. B. Harding
   Saints and Heroes - I by George Hodges
   Saints and Heroes - II by George Hodges
   Heroes of Asgard by A. and E. Keary
   Book of Saints and Heroes by Andrew Lang
   Barbarian and Noble by Marion Lansing
   Patriots and Tyrants by Marion Lansing
   Norse Stories from the Eddas by H. W. Mabie
   The Story of France by Mary Macgregor
   History of Germany by H. E. Marshall
   The Story of Europe by H. E. Marshall
   Martin Luther by E. Singmaster
   Church - Later Middle Ages by Notre Dame
   Church - Early Middle Ages by Notre Dame
   Saint Gregory the Great by Notre Dame
   Church - Early Modern Times by Notre Dame
   Knights of Art by Amy Steedman
   Discovery of New Worlds by M. B. Synge
   Awakening of Europe by M. B. Synge
   European Hero Stories by E. M. Tappan
   When Knights were Bold by E. M. Tappan
   The Adventures of Marco Polo by George Towle
   Youth of the Great Elector by George Upton
   Charlemagne by George Upton
   Barbarossa by George Upton
   Prince Eugene by George Upton
   Gudrun by George Upton
   Herman and Thusnelda by George Upton
   The Nibelungs by George Upton
   William of Orange by George Upton
   The Swiss Heroes by George Upton
   William Tell by George Upton
   Eric the Red by George Upton
   The Story of the Crusades by E. M. Wilmot-Buxton
   Henry IV by John S. C. Abbott
   Louis XIV by John S. C. Abbott
   Child's Book of Saints by William Canton
   Child's Book of Warriors by William Canton
   The Crusaders by Alfred J. Church
   Stories of Charlemagne by Alfred J. Church
   The Netherlands by Mary Macgregor
   Historical Tales - French by Charles Morris
   Historical Tales - German by Charles Morris
   Historical Tales - Scandinavian by Charles Morris
   Erasmus of Rotterdam by M. Wilkinson