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This elementary history of Rome presents short stories of the great heroes, mythical and historical, from Aeneas and the founding of Rome to the fall of the western empire. Around the famous characters of Rome are graphically grouped the great events with which their names will forever stand connected. Vivid descriptions bring to life the events narrated, making history attractive to the young, and awakening their enthusiasm for further reading and study.

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Modern Europe — Library

   Famous Men of Modern Times by John Haaren
   The Story of Napoleon by H. E. Marshall
   French Twins by Lucy F. Perkins
   Belgian Twins by Lucy F. Perkins
   Stories from Wagner by C. E. Smith
   The Story of Russia by R. Van Bergen
   Story of the French Revolution by Alice Birkhead
   Heroes of Modern Europe by Alice Birkhead
   Marie Antoinette by Alice Birkhead
   When I was a Boy in Russia by Vladimir de Bogory
   Peeps at History - Germany by John Finnemore
   Life of Pius X by F. A. Forbes
   Boys' Book of Battles by Chelsea Fraser
   The Story of Modern France by Helene Guerber
   Lafayette for Young Americans by Rupert Holland
   The Story of France by Mary Macgregor
   Heroic Deeds of the Great War by D. A. Mackenzie
   History of Germany by H. E. Marshall
   Stories of the French Revolution by Walter Montgomery
   Baron Munchausen by R. E. Raspe
   Church - Later Modern Times by Notre Dame
   Garibaldi and his Red Shirts by F. J. Snell
   Struggle for Sea Power by M. B. Synge
   Growth of the British Empire by M. B. Synge
   Beethoven by George Upton
   Joseph Haydn by George Upton
   Frederick the Great by George Upton
   Eugenie - Empress of France by George Upton
   Elizabeth - Empress of Austria by George Upton
   The Little Dauphin by George Upton
   Louise - Queen of Prussia by George Upton
   Emperor William First by George Upton
   Undine by George Upton
   Maria Theresa of Austria by George Upton
   Mozart's Youth by George Upton
   Maximilian in Mexico by George Upton
   Peter the Great by Jacob Abbott
   Hortense by John S. C. Abbott
   History of Prussia by John S. C. Abbott
   Joseph Bonaparte by John S. C. Abbott
   Josephine by John S. C. Abbott
   Madame Roland by John S. C. Abbott
   Louis Philippe by John S. C. Abbott
   Germany and the Next War by F. Von Bernhardi
   Religious Persecution in France by Jane Brodhead
   Prussians Came to Poland by L. DeGozdawa
   Freemasonry Unmasked by Rev. G. E. Dillon
   Now it Can be Told by Philip Gibbs
   Adventures of War by Philip Gibbs
   Bismarck and German Empire by J. W. Headlam
   Life of Catherine the Great by E. A. B. Hodgetts
   Two German Giants by John Lord
   Historical Tales - Russian by Charles Morris
   Europe and the Great War by Charles Morris
   Proofs of a Conspiracy by John Robison
   Life of Pope Pius IX by J. G. Shea
   I Speak for the Silent by V. Tchernavin
   Escape from the Soviets by T. Tchernavin
   Confessions of Frederick by H. Treitschke
   Story of the Great War by Roland Usher
   Story of Napoleon by H. F. B. Wheeler