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Introduction to the
Heritage History Academy

The Heritage History Academy provides a structured study of history using our library of children's classics. Each Academy course offers an excellent selection of books, study aids, reading recommendations, tools to track progress, and review methods.

Learn About the Academy

The Heritage History Academy offers a flexible, self-paced reading program based on classical children's histories. Read the Academy user information pages to learn more.

  • Living Books—the advantages of a reading-based, living book, approach to history; important differences in learning styles.
  • Reading Levels—differences in student reading and comprehension levels; advice for selecting enjoyable books for students of all abilities.
  • Recommended Sequence—an overview of available Academy courses and the order in which we recommend they be studied.
  • Academy FAQ—answers to common questions about Academy courses.

Visit Academy Pages as a Guest

If you would like to learn more about the Heritage History Academy without logging in you may view the Academy account of "George W. Guest", a student studying Ancient Rome. You will not be able to modify any settings as a registered user can.)

If you visit George's Profile page you will see how his account appears after several months of studying Greek and Roman history at an introductory level. On George's Read page you can view his reading assignments and short descriptions of all the books in the Ancient Rome Library. From the Study page you can view Ancient Rome timelines, character lists, and maps. You can even print a report showing George's progress.

Guest mode is helpful for viewing Academy features, but it does not allow you to review study questions or update status. In order to test these capabilities, Register for a free Heritage History account and explore the free Independent Study Course.

Independent Study Program

Everyone who Registers for a Heritage History account is automatically enrolled in an Independent Study Academy course. Students enrolled in the Independent Study course can add any book from the Heritage History website to their reading list and read it online, but they will not be able to download e-book versions unless they purchase a Library Pass. The Independent Study course lacks the recommendations and study resources that our civilization based courses offer but it is useful to students who want to create their own history program and read books from many different time periods.

The Independent Study course is also a useful to students who would like to sample the study aids and reading assignments from some of our other, civilization based Academy courses. Independent Study is organized as a world history survey and its lesson plans are subdivided by historical era. These historical subdivisions reflect the organization of our ten Civilization Libraries and the study aids associated with them are simplified versions of our more detailed courses.

  • Parent Accounts allow all members of a household to have individual accounts while they share access to courses. Most families with more than one student should register as a Parent.
  • A Library Pass allows registered students to download an e-book version of any book on the Heritage History website.
  • More details are provided on the Independent Study Get Started page.
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Visit the Online Products page to learn more about all Heritage History Academy Courses.