Classical Histories, Curriculum, and Study Aids
For History Lovers, Homeschoolers, and Independent Learners

Complete, illustrated texts of over 400 classical children's histories are available to view online. All books are also available to download in both PDF and ebook format.

The Heritage Classical Curriculum is a flexible, "living-books", independent-study program based on books in the Heritage library.

Our Young Readers Curriculum was created especially for families with grade-schoolers. It includes most of our easiest-to-read selections.

Heritage History promotes
traditional, narrative history
for students of all ages. Learn more
by visiting our Mission and FAQS pages.

If you're new to Heritage History, this
video introduction is a good way to get acquainted with our classical history library, curriculum, and teaching philosophy.

The Heritage History Academy offers online, self-paced, independent-study courses for students of all ages.

The Heritage Library includes thousands of quality historical illustrations, sorted by character, civilization, and subject matter.